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  1. mary, hi... question for you (sorry if i'm effectively hijacking this thread) if you have a moment- you mentioned it took a year to see results with the saline yet i thought it was to be done at intervals no longer than two weeks. i've had one round of saline injections with sire but can't get to socal often enough so i'm curious if your visits were spaced out or if it simply took a year after the consecutive treatments. either way, it's awesome that whatever happened worked for you. wel
  2. Hi Jen i just read your question and wanted to let you know that i too had a hugeeeee dent caused by a incompetent dr that over injected a pimple! not a cyst just a little tiny pimple that wouldve disappeared on its own in a few days. he injected it then came the dent. i went and had about 8 rounds of saline injections by a great dr in fullerton ca. dr sire and his PA quint helped me out a lot. its been about a year and have half and im happy to tell you that the dent is completely filled ba
  3. can tca only be used on ice picks and more defined scaring that has ridges to it? would i be able to use it on a single softer indentation? if not whats the best treatment for that type of scar
  4. can tca only be used on ice picks and more defined scaring that has ridges to it? would i be able to use it on a single softer indentation? if not whats the best treatment for that type of scar
  5. i dont know what the difference would be to put it on at night or during the day, maybe thats for the people that use retin-a at night because i think retin-a and vitamin C serum cancel eachother but if you just using the serum i think its fine. the brand is something like skin bio or something like that i bought if from my derms office it was 90$
  6. i had v-beam done it worked really well for me. the only down side is that after the treatment it gets a really really deep purple color like a fresh bruise then it gradually goes away. it wasnt painful at all by the way. i only needed one treatment.
  7. I use vitamin serum 20% that i bought from my derms office and i apply it at night about 30 mins before i go to sleep i usually massage it in so that it gets absorbed before i sleep. Its way to greasy and shiny to apply during the day especially underneath makeup
  8. Hi Jay7, dont worry you werent rambling at least to me it made sense. my question to you is when you mean it helped your texture, what kind of textural problems did you have? almost like very very shallow scars that have no depth to it just a slight difference in skin levels? did you have any very shallow scarring that the fraxel did help reduce or remove? i just dont see how it wouldnt? sorry for all the questions just curious to know what your skin condition was before you had the treatmen
  9. Ok i may have asked some of you guys this question before but i really really need some help. i got a cortisone shot on a stupid freakin pimple not a cyst but a pimple. i know i shouldnt have but i had no idea what the risks were, all i was told was that it may or may not work but nothing about having a freakin hole on my face for months. my question is i got the shot may 1st 2007 it barely began to cave in late july. so for 2 1/2 months everything was fine no sign of a dent. then from july
  10. i had radiesse injected into one scar by a well known plastic surgeon here in LA. 1 week later it had migrated to the side made the scar look worse. went back to the dr he injected something to dissolve the filler then we decided to try again and guess what... same thing happened. i had this happen twice with radiesse and so i decided to try juve and that only lasted about 2 weeks.
  11. mary23


    Hi, i just wanted to let you guys know that i also went to Dr. Sire to get two dents that were caused by cortisone injections to go away. I know they are supossed to fill in naturally on its own but i couldnt wait any longer. Any way i started doing the treatments 2 months ago twice a month. my deepest indentation is gone the only thing you can see is the needle hole and now im working on the 2nd one which noone can see unless i tilt my head to certain angle under certain kind of lighting... e
  12. for anyone who has gotten a cortisone shot and it caused a dent.. mine has begun improving a lot ive been getting saline shots bi weekly by dr sire. i know that most doctors say its temporary but my question is since mine has begun filling in very slowly should i just wait and see if it fills in all the way? im afraid that its gonna heal but not completely. its still a bit discolored which dr sire said was a good thing because it means its still doing something. by the way im not prone to scar
  13. honestly i havent heard of one person whos had decent results from cooltouch. if anything ive read on a few reports that it caused the patient to have fat loss. i think i may be wrong though that any laser that uses radio frequency carries that particular risk of fat loss such as the titan laser and thermage. also his staff isnt all that nice. they are snotty little bitches that just stand there and blink. i actually waited in the exam room for 20 mins before i walked out and saw them all chat
  14. i went to dr ourian... first off he recommeds cootouch laser to everyone and everything that walks into his office. i had one indent on my cheek... literally just one indent because of a cortisone shot absolutely no other scars on my face and he recommended i do cooltouch on my entire face which would have costed me around $3,500!!!!!! and then to top it off he says and just in case it doesnt go away we can fill it with restalyne. hes a fraud.. actually if you ask around other doctors about h
  15. ive had both resty and juvederm and i bruise very very badly .. for the resty the bruising went away to the point where it was easy to cover up in about 6 days but for the juvederm i was fine in 2 days. to be honest with you i think 2 days in advance is too short of a time frame .. because even if the discoloration and bruising went away sometimes its still really bumpy in the area it was injected. on the other hand a friend of mine also did resty and right afterwards her dr. recommended she b