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  1. for me it actually DID help ..but i HAD oily skin before my accutane course started. so if you're skin is on the dryer side i wouldn't try it .. my sister did it and she had flakes around the area she applied it to. if you do wanna try it, i would get paste that doesn't have anything added to it like scope/mouthwash or cinnamon or anything .. a plan paste NOT gel would work fine. but if you have a big problem with acne the best thing to do is go to a derm to try and get it fixed .. it's bette
  2. i went from brunette back to light/platinum blonde.i had no irritation whatsoever.
  3. i am planning on buying the glossing/shine line by him [shampoo, conditioner, & cream] and i was wondering if anyone has tried this?i know i love the cream .. but i haven't tried out the s&c. anyone?
  4. day fifty one woww long time no update, huh? things have gotten MUCH MUCH better. i have only one blemish on my face and the rest are red marks left behind. when i put on my makeup the only thing that really bothers me are the dry/scaley patches. it's not too horrible .. i deal. i have been getting bad nose bleeds .. and i bled from my ears once but it hasn't happend since. [about a week ago.] my earlobes are really dry and when i put in/take out my earrings they sometimes bleed. my whole bod
  5. i agree! i used this at a friend's house and it works wonderfully! if only i would spend that much time curling my hair more often ..
  6. good!i'm glad someone uses this WITHOUT the minerals. what foundation do you use on top of it?
  7. i got it with a starter kit and i put it on under LIQUID make-up [didn't like the minerals]... i can't remember the results though! haha. has anyone used this? and is it okay to use over breakouts?
  8. mmsqueaks

    makeup works wonders!

    me with makeup ... of course.
  9. when i was using bare escentuals a lady from sephora said that using proactiv over time can RUIN your skin.when i was using proactiv it worked for a month or two and it came back pretty badly afterwards. so i would try something else to pair with the microdermabrasion? but then again, my derm told me to stay away from microdermabrasion because it can irritate acne .. but i guess if it works for you? i would go to a dermatologist and ask about some oral meds that could help.
  10. if a boy judges you on your skin,he's not worth it to begin with.
  11. before i started accutane i did mine twice daily and it still dried me out a little bit, but i guess it depends on your skin. but it is proven that using TOO much of anything to treat/wash your face can be harmful and cause it to get worse .. so i would say twice daily.
  12. does it work well as a leave-on conditioner? like .. leave it on for a half hour then shampoo it out? or would the shampoo cancel it out?