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  1. My situation is somewhat similar in terms of your symptoms etc. no problems with my skin until about 18 months ago for me - here's some advice that isn't related to products or drugs etc: The biggest problem i have with my acne is the feeling that i don't have total control over it - i'll happily admit i'm a control freak, and i hate that feeling of not being in control of myself or anything related to that. There is no such thing as 100% total control over skin condition; of course we can stri
  2. Yeah i've got a similar thing - most of my acne has cleared up, but on my right cheek i have this hardish bump, quite large which has a shiny surface, but it's not a spot... not sure what it is and has been there for about a week now? Not sure what to do, it's really annoying me.
  3. every other day is actually better for your skin. It gives it time to heal between each shave which will help with the burning after a while. Have you tried a Gilette Sensor Excel? Also, do you exfoliate before shaving or take a shower? Those both help me. Also - always shave with the grain. So on your face that would be down and on your neck it would be upwards. Splash your face with cold water after shaving to close up your pores and stop infections.
  4. Nope...unfortunately. I always thought that brazil nuts had plenty of zinc in them. As for vitamin C - lemons, oranges etc. etc.
  5. Dude - i know where you're coming from here... i'm in almost exactly the same position but i keep delaying seeing her or asking her out because of my skin... Also - just bought some Aspall Organic Cyder Vinegar this morning and took my first dosage - will report back with results soon! Funnily enough, the actual Cider they make (alcoholic cider btw...) is fantastically delicious! But i've had to ditch that because no alcohol for me and my skin :( Onwards and upwards!!!
  6. shaving with an electric razor doesn't renew the hair follicle process - it just tugs off some of the hair that is raised from your skin...
  7. Do you find that shaving works for you pre-showering?
  8. I'm experimenting at the moment with removing dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese for me) and so far have seen little evidence that it will do anything for me? Also, have been eating raw vegetables and fruits with lots of water for hydration for the past 4 days and have seen nothing good so far happen for my skin
  9. Stress? Maybe the new climate where you were/are on vacation contributed to this?