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  1. I will be ordering this and I read a few taking this for thyroid issues. Any good results with skin and lugols??
  2. The BEST probiotics are homemade. They are cheap, effective & Powerful! Here are some probiotics cabbage rejuvlac kefir homemade yogurt Presto! If you need instructions for each let me know Natasha
  3. helpful digestion tips low stomach acid rule1 have lemon juice and sea salt 15min before meals to stimulate HCL rule2 take plant digestive enzymes rule3 sprinkle tumeric on your food to prevent allergies rule4 regular liver flush once or twice a month. each liver flush will boost your digestion and hcl naturally and IMPROVE your digestion
  4. Learn to wash your face with OATMEAL..Yes, oatmeal. I havent had acne since with no diet change. Oatmeal is excellent facial wash for acne, dry skin. Buy oatmeal from the grocery store, pour small amount with few drops of water, scrub circular motion, leave on for 30 seconds, rinse with warm-cold water. Pat dry. Apply Oil-Acne free moisterizer. I used to use Proactive's lotion but my skin became so clear that I stopped using it and use pure olive oil on my face. Yes....OIL. But for starters,
  5. Castor Oil Cleansing is a powerful cleansing approach and efficiently cleanses the colon and the body. Having castor oil once in three months ensures that the entire digestive system is cleansed. Advantages of the Cleanse: *Some people tend to reduce body weight considerably within a few days after the cleanse. *By experience we have seen a reduction in the size of belly (tummy) within a few days. *Do this before pregnancy but after pregnancy do not do this because it might cause
  6. Its a must to wash face twice a day. I use plain oatmeal to wash my face. Eliminates mild acne and oil.
  7. won won- How are things going?! I wanted to do a follow up on you. I appreciate your comment. I hope everything is going well. In addition, I will like for you to sip on cabbage juice for glutamoine if you arent taking the pill. Cabbage juice is a natural colon cleanser. I usually will blend napa cabbage and distilled water and pour in a glass jar, let it sit for 3 days and drink. I will make a new batch after 3-4 days. Natasha
  8. Are you looking for a colon cleanser or just fiber foods to eat? Colon cleanser Amazon rainforest 'fiberzon" Fiber foods supplemental fiber includes psyllium seed husks, and flaxseeds.
  9. food or liquid form are faster than pills