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  1. Is the cold to blame? starting to get a few pimples again. Well i never really was clear + i get a lot of redness and lil red bumps and pimples all around my nose. I might start accutane again in a few months, no way im doing this during the winter again. But still, ive been doing a lot better than before with accutane. The breakouts are smaller and they dont relly scar wich is pretty cool. Anyway I'll try to keep you guys updated if some of you care?
  2. 2 months Post Tane Hey long time no see! Just wanted to tell you guys that im doing great. I didnt break out and I didnt get any big pimples either. The only things that i do get is redness and lil tinny red spots/pimples that goes away in like a day or 2 next to my nose mostly. And i feel really good now cuz i know that if i break out again i have accutane and i know that it works. Ill post some new pictures soon when ill get my new camera! cheers!
  3. Wow almost a month post accutane now. Just wanna tell you guys that my skin is till doing really good. Only got one lil zit near my left eyebrow so not that bad My only problem now, the redmarks ofc. They just wont go away! I know that itll take a while and in about a year if im still acne free, maybe ill do a peeling or something. But it just feels good to not worry about acne 24/24 ( because yes I had nightmares about it) and well I try not to think about it but its kinda hard because ive had
  4. well thank you sir, my skin is still doing very good and no new zits cept some whiteheads on my legs weird never had them there but face is still 100% clear <3 teh tane
  5. Day 150 Hey! long time no see. In a few hours, I will take my last pills then im done with accutane! So right now I'm 100% clear. No active, only a few redmarks and they are fading. And I guess that when I'll be off accutane it will heal even faster! So I'm really happy with the results! I've never been that clear! But I must admit, I'm a little bit scared now because I don't have any pills left so now it feels like im on my own lol. I really really hope that the results will last for a long ti
  6. Day 114 Hey guys been a little while. My skin is doing good for the acne part, no active on my face im pretty much all clear. The only thing i have is redmarks and its really annoying because its almost like acne, well it looks the same for me. But they are fading very slowy. I dont think my derm will give me another month of accutane in february because it would be useless imo. I just need to get rid of those redmarks. Im probably gonna try some kind of microdermabrasion treatment after accu
  7. Day 107 (Already Oo) So 107 days on accutane, that was fast! So far so good, still clear and the side effects are not really big. When i say clear, i mean no actives on my face. I can jog for 45 min, sweat like a pig, and still im not gonna break out! Nothing! So yes im happy and i still have pills for a month a half. And since I use thus new moisturizer my skin looks better and heals faster wich is pretty cool since everything is healing so fast on accutane right!? And if you guys are wonderin
  8. Its cool thats your skin is still doing good, Oh and merry Christmas to you lil' pimple.
  9. Hi there, I read your log with interest and I wanted to say that you have a lot of courage to keep going on Accutane. It was a tough journey but it looks like things are finally turning around and your skin is healing. With regards to the moisturizer, I would definitely use some. I have been using Cetaphil which is so mild but minimizes the flakes and must help with the healing. It's really cheap and you can find it in all the drugstores. (I'm CDN too:) Good luck with football try-outs and eas
  10. hey your skin looks really good! happy that your doing good, and merry XMas.
  11. were gonna need bigger pictures because i cant see any acne on ur face right now oO but good luck!
  12. Hey, Skin is doing good even thought I still have this big zit on my forehead. My skin feels really smooth right now but I still have a lot of red marks. I really hope that they will go away after accutane. Oh and I don use any moisturizer fo my face, should I? Would it help the healing? Still have a little headache but nothing to worry about. And for the people who used accutane before, Did they ( redmarks) go away after accutane, because for now the healing process is very very slow. Thx in ad
  13. Have a headache. Dunno if its because of the accutane. Took some advils. Feeling better. Did anyone get a headache while they were on accutane? I think its one the side effect right?
  14. >< i feel a big zit growing on my forehead! I hope its gonna go away soon! Im almost at 100 days ! Maybe I should stop eating chocolate like crazy.. but its so gooood lol. Yea.. ive been eating chocolates, pizza, chips etc. Its really fun when you can eat w/e you want and not think about your face all the time. Well maybe I should think about it lol cuz im not done yet.
  15. Thx! your skin looks really good 2! Day 95 Hi guys, Im still doing good. Nothing much to report. Got a lil whitehead on my forehead and thats about it. Its probably gonna go away soon so I dont really care. I decided to take some pictures while I was doing the dushes lol. So there you go! I didnt use the flash on my kodak because most of the time it makes me look like 10x worst than i really am. http://img136.imageshack.us/my.php?image=1022951ft2.jpg http://img89.imageshack.us/my.php?ima
  16. Put some vaseline in your nose PS: Your garden dwarves are freaking me out man!
  17. playing 3 instruments is not really recommended when you start. You should play one and get really good at it first or 2 maybe but if you play 3 instruments youll be switching every 10 minutes and you'll either quit or not play enough. Taking accutane is a good idea tho, it owns. And working out 2 but just watch out while on accutane dont train to much and dont start training with really heavy shit or ull quit or hurt urself Well anyway thats just what i think and what i know from my own experi
  18. hey you look really good! I dont see acne also .
  19. Day 88 My blood was ok this month so my derm gave me pills for 2 months today. Still at 80mg/day since its working. My face is still doing good. No zits or pimples or w/e, just redmarks. Some eczema on my arms also but no big deal. So i wont see my derm next month wich is cool lol my next appointment will be in february, the 2nd i think.
  20. love the haircut id love to have one like that but im too lazy to use hair gel in the morning lucky you megan fox doing ur hair. Skin looks really cleay also gratz
  21. well you could upload them here http://imageshack.us/ and then post the direct link in your blog.