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  1. Have a nodule from subcision, and had 1 round of kenalog. When I touch it, seems to have flattened the nodule, but visually kinda looks the same. Does kenalog actually treat the nodule or just flatten all the skin?
  2. Thank you. Yeah he injected a steroid in the area which didn't do anything. And then offered to do the other side to make it match
  3. Had an excision a couple years ago to remove a fairly large acne scar off the side of my nose. The plastic surgeon essentially cutt off a couple of cm of skin and then sewed it to the side of my nose. My smile line on one side now starts about an inch lower than the other side (on the left side of the picture it starts mid nostril, on the right side it starts above the nostril) I've seen a few different derms and plastic surgeons. Some think the swelling caused protein and collagen to build u
  4. I see, thanks. As long as it hopefully heals in a few months... I think I see what you mean. Just did some research on track marks and it does look sort of similar
  5. Thanks the responses guys, so I'm getting a few conflicting recommendations. Should i just wait everything out first and then try subcision+filler or is filler bad? The bottom two pictures I was grimacing so the bulging is is more accentuated (still there but not quite as obvious). Im guessing I should wait things out a few months first before I try anything else?
  6. i had a subcision many years ago with excellent results. However recently I had a few rounds of subcision around my smile line for a couple scars and it seemed to just make things worse. The area where the needle was inserted created a tethered area and itcaused additional wrinkles and crooked smile lines. It basically looked like the skin was stapled along the three points the doctor insterted the needle, causing a brand new fold/wrinkle. I tried to get it fixed, and went to a new doc, who s