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  1. Ha sorry if I'm being a pest but you are so fine and seem really nice i gave you my e-mail so we could maybe talk but no response sorry there are no pics on my site i don't know how to post pics on a computer thi is all new to me.

  2. What are the best products to use for dark spots and uneven skintone anyone ever use at home T.C.A PEELS?
  3. does aqua glycolic work for acne and uneven skintone?
  4. what's the best make-up that will cover dark spots from acne.I can't use mineral make-up it makes me brake out for some odd reson.
  5. does or has anyone used azelex acid cream?
  6. Please!!!!!!! don't do anything to hurt yourself I've had acne for years and dark pigment scaring and acne I know how you feel i suffer from deperrsion on and off for years due to my acne and other events in my life talk to your parents about derm doctor maybe you could try accutane or azelex cream or doxycline pill your derm can give options and hope.ALSO if you can't go to derm then go to your local health food store and get tree tea oil pads or cleanser or just plain tree tea oil its self wil
  7. I had when i was 17 a friend told me, ew girl you need to go see a derm doctor quick! I hated her for that I see her now we are both in are late 20's early 30's and her face is all broke out now and I laugh.
  8. It's hard I know Im on a diet and Im trying to also clear my face and trying to lose weight.I am on a fruit and cottage cheese diet.
  9. How true that is :( you are so right adout that I to suffer from the illness on and off.
  10. I to suffer from depression I have for a very long time. some days are better than others and some days are just unbarible. I am not working right now and I have worked on and off for the last three years now due to my illness. I'm not on meds trying other ways to cope like exercise.