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  1. Hi all!

    Has anyone here consulted Dr. Ashit Marwah from Life Line Nursing Home? Do revert if you have, it'll be super helpful.


  2. Can I use retin a .05% post dermarolling? Or vit e capsule oil? I am planning to try dermarolling at home for my acne scars. Just confused about what to apply after. Pls help!

  3. [Link removed] I have decided to go ahead with subcision though I'm not getting them in conjunction with fillers as they're way beyond my budget. Hoping for the best! And, thank you very much for your advice.I guess am not going to waste anymore money on microneedling as you said they'll do me no good.
  4. i am using cetaphil moisturizer and for cleansing my doc has prescribed Dermadew (prob an Indian brand though m not 100% sure). She even put me on to clindamycin but it made my skin dry. Then I decided to use cetaphil moisturizer and my doc was okay with it. Do you think mederma scar cream works on acne craters?
  5. What's the best skin regime for people with depressed acne scars on their face? I have terribly deep scars (boxcar and icepick) so I'm a little confused as to what products I can/cannot apply. Also, I'm currently undergoing treatment for the scars so is there something I should totally avoid? I follow my regular CTM routine that's all. I use a cleanser prescribed by my doc then go in witch a hazel toner followed by cetaphil moisturizer and finally spf 50 in the morn. At night I cleanse and repla
  6. PRP alone will not do anything for your scars. You need to find a doc that does subcision with PRP or other filler. i did probe my derm about fractional laser once but she shut me down by saying that we're going ahead with 4-5 prp sessions atleast. God knows when I'll start seeing results. so far i haven't noticed any good change. oh I'm glad that your skin is doing good, I don't see any improvement in my scars though. and my skin is quite bad, it seems like it just cant retain any moi
  7. For some reason I'm not able to directly reply to you @eternalrocket. My skin is still drier than it used to be (my skin type's oily otherwise). Btw, I have started using cetaphil moisturizing cream which says it's for dry skin type but works just fine for me too. And I have seen raving reviews about their creams and lotions and now ik why. U cud also try using their cleanser as it's very very mild and good for skin that's being treated atm.
  8. You should give your skin time to heal and space the treatments at least 4 weeks apart. You might end up damaging the skin otherwise. My doctor advised me to space them 2 weeks apart but I wasn't happy with that so I decided against it.
  9. yeah. my skin was red and swollen for a good 30-32 hours. It turned brown once the bruises started healing and drying. Also, my skin started chipping and peeling and felt extremely rough to touch.
  10. That's exactly what i had planned to do! Besides I just got a lasik surgery done so I'm not going to disturb my face with these treatments for a week or so though it's time for me to get my free microneedling done.
  11. I believe that's for acne. The serums I suggested are mostly for collagen boosting and cell regeneration though retinol is for curing active acne as well preventing any further breakout.
  12. Oh they're a combo of icepick, boxcar and rolling ones on my cheeks and mostly boxcar on my forehead. What about yours?
  13. The fact is, I do know that deep down but am just so desperate to get rid of these that I'm getting impatient. Guess I just need to give it time.