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  1. MAANNNNN YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! AMAZInG AMAZING the after picture with Beard off Wow u look soo clear seriously i know ur happy im happy for u i really am ur getting clearer and clearer by the month i hope it continues that way and all the best wishes take care!
  2. Yea alots New i got a job at a car wash like 2months ago and seriously have been eating notihng but Mcdonalds everyday and my skin hasnt been better ive SERIOUSLY have gotten 2 pimples in 2 months if that im still doin regimen but only at night i really believe key to clear skin is being Outside letting ur Skin BREATHE letting sun hit it not sitting inside moaping around hopeing 2morrow ur skin will be better but its not so u wait another day u need sun and OXYGEN get out sweat trust me========
  3. Week !7! Day-49- Face still breaking out just random pimples still using the same regimen but now i use neutrogena healthy Skin with AHA spf15...not gonna write much i got a appointment with my Derm December 20th and if face hasnt calmed down im askin for Accutane im gonna show him how outragous my skin has become Since just Febuary 07 not even a year ago my skin was clean pimple free and smooth This is what im Currently Using= http://i19.tinypic.com/8bz8g2p.jpg
  4. Quick Question ive heard about benzoyl peroxide is it true the Longer you use it the More it breaks down the Skin and makes it More acne Prone... Then leading you to never Outgrow ur teen acne im only 17 i dont wanna ruin my face and be dependant on Chemicals and Anti-biotics all my life my parents never had acne and i have a 21yr old brother who i dont think washed his face a day in his life and a 19yr old brother who has little pimple here and there but ignores it and it fades and here i am 1
  5. Dont get me Wrong im soo happy with the regimen but im at 6weeks and counting tuesday will be 7 weeks and it has done alot but i still breakout when should i be expecting like the PEAK PEAK of clearness ....3 months? or before that?
  6. Week !6! Day -42- YAWWWWNNN well yea still on DKR (Morning and Night) nothing Else the Cleanser/BP/and Moisturizer and Doxy 100mg Daily- i havent skipped a day regimen exactly as the videos that Dan Made I still get breakouts i was shaving every other day but my skin was getting cut and red everytime so i stopped and my Face calmed down im not gonna shave im gonna try to just cover up my Acne marks. well heres Some pix !!!Any Suggestions Lemme KNOW!!! Face= http://i3.tinypic.com/7xvmi69.jpg
  7. Lol ive heard that sooo much i cant ignore it anymore i hope my Girl doesnt Leave me LoL i gotttaa Try it i hope i can make it
  8. Pro im pretty sure u should go on accutane
  9. Yea i let me facial hair grow out all the time but it seems like oil builds up around the hairs and they turn white and there not even pimples :/ idk
  10. Face is Getting Alot better Since last Post ill Show u all Tuesday
  11. Ive been working out alot Drinking creatine building my Body and i wanna know if Drinking a Water Bottle of Protien daily can this be harming my Skin because it contains alot of Sugar and Calories alot off Stuff. i wanna know so i can stop early
  12. NIiice man ur face looks GREATT!
  13. WEEK 5!!!!(-Day 35-) ive been Doing Non Stop DKR Morning and Night DAILY And (Doryx 100mg Daily) and Watched the Video 2 or 3 Times i know im not Doing The regimen Wrong but i Was soooo Sure i was past the initial Breakout Phase but i guess im not i still get pimples around the jawline/Chin iM gonna Continue the Regimen until January 11th The day i have a Appoinment with my Dermatologist if things arent better im Gonna Pop the Big !!!Accutane!!! Question . well here Some pics... I know i have