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  1. I always hated having to wear anything on my face during the day. So I just wash it in the morning and off I go. At night I wash again and put a generous amount of Aloe Vera on too. I have been doing this since I quitted Dan's redgimen (erm regimen) and I'm glad I did. I know this redness isn't from post-acne because the Aloe Vera heals red marks from pimples almost completely in a week or less. Plus it just isn't acne redness, you know. I know a person at school who appears to have enlarged po
  2. Hey thanks for the response. I don't know of any other Aloe Veras that do not have any comdeogenic products in them. And besides I've looked pretty thoroughly around in shops and FOTE's one is the best I can find. But it's ok I guess I like it. You can use the photo if you like - if you get a decent response from somebody about a good solution be sure to let me know, too
  3. Well here's the background info.. I was on Dan's regimen about halfway through last year for a couple months but then decided to stop as it was causing lots of dryness and facial redness. I started using just cetaphil's gentle facewash and FOTE's aloe vera (only at night as it is too shiny during the day). I also drink 8+ bottles of water a day and am on doxycycline tablets (2 a day). Not to mention a lot of vitamins etc. This has kept me almost completely clear of acne. Anyways onto the probl
  4. mikey, is that the Aloe Vera by Fruit of the Earth? If so, that's what I am using now in replacement of BP. In my opinion it is a perfect substitute for BP without all the annoying side effects. Do you use it twice a day or only at night or day? I am a bit cautious around water with anything on my face because I don't like the idea that I have washed it off and it wont be on my skin for X amount of hours (I cant reapply most of the time because friends are around and I have shit all for time).
  5. I just bought a clear gel SPF 30+ sunscreen and it contains Ethanol. Has anyone tried or are using products that contain ethanol? Does it clog pores/promote acne? Or is it ok to use on my skin? Thanks.
  6. I just bought a clear gel SPF 30+ sunscreen and it contains Ethanol. Has anyone tried or are using products that contain ethanol? Does it clog pores or promote acne? Thanks. Ahh probably the wrong place to post this. Sorry.
  7. I have been cleansing with cetaphil and applying FOTE aloe vera for a couple weeks now and my acne has cleared up. I tried reducing the amount of aloe vera i used but I got more pimples when I did so i cannot stop using that. Today i bought Hamiltons (aussie brand) non-comedogenic Everyday Face SPF 30+ sunscreen. I need a high protective sunscreen for the camping trip im going on for 10 days soon. I put it on and it immediately balled up with my dried in aloe vera and literally stripped off th
  8. I was wondering.. how much aloe vera gel do you apply day/night to successfully get rid of oily skin issues? Like how much of a finger's length?
  9. So I have recently started using dans moisturizer and I am far from impressed... The only real reason that I bought it is because it goes on clear unlike any other effective moisturizer that I know of. So the first night when it came in, I applied a rather large amount to my face and reflection of the sun off my face actually blinded me, so I figured I used way too much. This morning I applied a PEA sized (I don't flake much but I need it so my skin isn't so tight after Aloe Vera sinks in) so I
  10. Ever since Monday I have switched off of BP. I am now cleansing with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and applying Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel. Both products are non-irritating and I have seen better results than I saw with BP honestly. I also moisturize a little bit but I don't have any flaking thanks to getting off of that damn BP. I was expecting to have moderate breakouts as a result of the sudden transition from BP to Aloe Vera, but no! I did not get any breakouts at all and my face has n
  11. Ok 1 day on FOTE and so far I have seen very minor negative results.. and my complexion has improved a bit. I haven't gotten any breakouts yet so that a BIG plus. But I am still a bit flaky around my chin and lower cheeks but I believe thats because I'm using too much (I'll cut down soonish). Although my lower face is still kinda dry it is a LOT better than when I was on BP, because I don't have to rapidly re-apply the moisturizer 3-5 times after putting BP on. I would not recommend using FOTE w
  12. I believe that is the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, the one I am using.
  13. Ok, It has been an hour since I applied Aloe Vera and I am so far impressed. No redness, minor flaking. I think the only reason I have a lot of flakes right now is because I have JUST come off of BP and I haven't given my skin enough time to recuperate yet. I ended up putting my moisturizing cream on about 15mins after application of aloe. I am really hoping that things will only better (but I have to expect pimples or else I will get upset when they arise).
  14. Hi Tash, I have been using the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Thank you for the tip about mixing the moisturizer with the Aloe Vera I will try that if I even need a moisturizer (prob will). I've been reading up more on Aloe Vera (I haven't used it yet) and apparently it doesn't completely stop pimples from forming, but keeps them un-inflamed. But yeah so far there's a good chance this will work for me but obviously I am scared because I am coming off BP as of tonight but yeah fingers crossed..
  15. Ok, I have just gone and purchased Aloe Vera and will keep up to date how it goes if I remember. I am not going to apply BP tonight and instead in it's place I will apply this. I am not expecting to get no new pimples tomorrow because I wont be doing BP anymore. I just want to see how well this goes against acne.