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  1. scarednow - well it's just initially that the red spots appear to be a lot darker and redder....but after your pinkness overall fades away then your red spots are the same as before the dermabrasion. And yes ...the things I am doing are helping A LOT to fade away my spots! You can't even tell I have them with my makeup on which is great
  2. I had dermabrasion done about 3 months ago...and my face is still slightly pink but when i wear foundation, it isn't noticeable at all! And at first...after I had my derm...my red spots were really red! but unfortunately dermabrasion does not help with the red spots fading at all....but mine are fading due to ACV, tape method, and Super CP. But I hope everything goes well with you
  3. Ok well I got an excision done a couple weeks ago on a boxcar scar....well my surgeon did it in a Z shape ...but in tha corner of the Z my skin became a little bit raised. I'm thinking this is a raised scar ...I'm not so sure though..but I saw my dr today and he said he wasn't going to do anything to it. So I just wanted to know if there is anything I can do that is cheap and effective. I heard that CP can make raised scars go down...Is that true? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. sadcaroline - Yes I had redmarks before I had dermabrasion done...and it helped a little bit...But I'm not sure if the fading was necessarily from the dermabrasion...I've also been using Super CP and using the tape method ...so maybe all of the above is helping them fade away. Actually right after I had dermabrasiond one...my red marks looked way worse.
  5. Hey everybody! I just wanted to share some great news that I've experienced....Well I had 3 scapel excisions done about 2 weeks ago..and my mom's friend told her about Pine Sap which is really good for healing new scars. So my mom got a bottle from her and I started applying it onto the excisions while the stitches were on and continued using it after the stitches were taken out. I want to say that this stuff really works wonders! My excision linear scars are about 95% gone!! I had 3 excisions
  6. well i'm 20 and i've gotten my scars from picking and popping...and recently i got a few from just the acne itself....but i recently had dermabrasion and that has helped a lot!
  7. I'm talking about using a light reflecting foundation and using a normal powder over it......but now that i've been doing more research about foundations I think I'm going to use Loreal's Matte Liquid Foundation...it's supposed to help with oily skin really well and give full coverage and minimize pores. Theres good reviews about it on Makeup Alley..I'm going to buy Prescriptives invisible line smoother which has some reflecting properties to make scars less visible. But thanks for the tips! I
  8. ok well i guess i answered my own question! lol i found out that these products are "face fillers" which are used for wrinkles but im pretty sure they work well for scars too..they're like silicone gel that makes the skin look smoother Prescriptives - Invisible Line Smoother No Jones - Joey New York No Lines - Victoria Vogue Line filler pencil - Victoria Vogue Dr Feel Good - Benefit Touch Optim'age - Lancome
  9. thanks for responding! that might be a problem for me too since i have very oily skin... Can you still use powder over the foundation and get the same effect?
  10. Has anyone used any kind of light reflecting products? do these really help make your skin look a lot smoother? Are there any that you could recommend that aren't expensive?
  11. Does anyone know what kind of make up or products that are out there that can be put on under make up and make your scars look more diminished?? I'm talking about indented scars...I have shallow scars that I want to look a lot less noticeable... I've been trying to look on yahoo but it keeps giving me plastic surgery sites for collagen injections and stuff! lol damn them i cant afford that! Anyway any input would be greatly appreciated!
  12. can you apply this product before you put makeup on? or will it mess up the application?
  13. ooooo thank you anime!!! lol now i can be at peace! have you used this product yourself? and even applying it before makeup will still make your skin look more smooth?
  14. Okay well there was a topic on here the other day about some guy that wanted to know what he could to do to make his scars look less visible when he did a show with his band....... And someone suggested to go out and buy something that you can put on your face that makes your scars less visible... Well since the posts got deleted I want to know who said it and what the product is!! Thanks!
  15. Anime: I am sooo glad you cleared that up for me! lol That is looking pretty good then after only 1 1/2 weeks. Arnie: Is silicone injections the same thing as this "radicals" that I keep hearing about? How long do they last and how much do they cost? Also do you have to wait a year after the procedure to do it? I'm thinking also of doing some kind of injections to help enhance my appearence..But I want something that lasts a year or longer. I would think of collagen injections but it only