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  1. I have an oily scalp as well, it even picks up odors from whatever I'm around, like food, cigarette smoke, perfumes what's nauseating is if I walk by something foul, next thing I know my hair is smelling foul.. ewwww : ( Anyway, b/c of this I have to wash my hair daily; however I have found through research and trial n error, that if I wash, rinse then repeat, it eventually makes my scalp oilier, b/c its stripping the essential oils needed to make your hair healthy. I've found that conditio
  2. Lollypolly.. It's not a stupid question.. It's a smart one, esp. since Cod Liver Oil is high in Vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine vitamin"; It's not really recommended to take CLO in the warm weather months, esp if you are outside a lot as it could cause an excess of vitamin D in a persons system. It's generally recommended to take CLO in the winter and Fish Oil in the summer months.
  3. Person's with cysts have a few options they can take as Birdybird41 mentioned: A) You can have an injection. B) You can have it drained (or both). OR C) As my fathers dermatologist wanted for my fathers sebaceous cyst-- have a SURGICAL PROCEDURE to have it removed! D) Try a cream that has had a PROVEN 98% success rate, because it 100% ALL natural, has no side effects, there is no scarring, has PERSONALLY worked for me and my father. Of course there are other products, or methods ..I'm only offe
  4. Kara.. I know this may sound odd..have you ever tried a goats milk soap by Jeune Peau?? They are SOo wonderful, all natural ingredients, they even use silk in the soaps. My skin is silky soft, and it has improved my complexion 100%. Take a look at their testimonials. *mod edited, no advertising/linking to other sites, please PM calyn for the web address via PM if you are interested*
  5. Benwolves..my father had a sebaceous cyst on his back for a couple of years, the doctor told him it would need to be removed surgically. However he tried a cream on it that is chemical free and within 2 weeks the darned thing was gone! He cancelled his appointment for the surgical procedure! Calyn