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  1. Hi all About a week ago I started using La Roche-Posay products. I use their Effaclar Duo+, Purifying Foaming Gel and Astringent Lotion. I wonder, should I use the Duo+ cream in the morning or in the evening? It has only 40ml and I'm supposed to apply it on my whole face, so applying it both in the morning and evening would be rather expensive. My pharmacist said to use it during the day, but I've seen in the ingredients that there are a few acids. Shouldn't I be worried that it may damag
  2. Thank you for your replies and my apologies for the confusion I have caused. As you mentioned and discussed about, I'm left with hyperpigmentation and scars after my minocycline treatment. Right now I don't know what heals automatically and what needs to treatment. I thought the hyperpigmentation went hand in hand with scars just like the skin tissue of scars through wounds have a different color as well. So I thought that treating the scars first would subsequently treat the hyperpigmentation
  3. Hi all So a year ago I went to a dermatologist at a hospital. He prescribed me Minocycline (Hydrochloride) 100mg and an Epiduo gel 0.1/2.5% (adapalene & benzoyl peroxide). The treatment was for 6 months and the tablets did a great job. I barely have any whiteheads or nodules, whiteheads only pop up if I masturbate a bit too much. The the thing is I'm left with discolored spots, still some tiny/small bumps that never turn into whiteheads, and what seems to be scars. I think the Epiduo w