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  1. Hi all I'm going travelling in a couple of weeks and need to get facial subscreen. When at home (where it is cold brrrgghhh!) I usually wear matte foundation for problem skin which has spf protection 12. But for those times when I wont be wearing foundation (if I'm brave enough!) I wanted to get sunscreen which wont make my skin worse. Appreciate your help..
  2. This sounds so similar to me... I began getting acne around age 15-16. Nothing serious though. Went on mino for a while, then was put on Dianette at 21 yrs when my skin started to get worse. (Why does that happen? Thought I was supposed to be getting clear when I got out of my teens!) I stayed on Dianette from 21 yrs to 25 yrs and my skin was perfect. Went off bcp for a while and started breaking out a little. Then was put on Roaccutane and Yasmin. (I was sure Roacc would be the end of it all
  3. OK, yes I know what you mean. Having a baby is worth all the pain and heartache, without any doubt. For me pregnancy is also an absolute nightmare. And I dont just mean because it affects the way I look. Although acne is a concern, it is the least of my concerns, given that I have very hazardous pregnancies and have already buried my only child. I know many women who would give anything to have a baby......and I mean anything. I must admit I cant really understand when people are worried abo
  4. Nekhebet I'm sorry to see such judgemental words. Just because we may have fears of pregnancy acne doesnt mean we are selfish and self-centred. I had a terrible time with pregnancy acne and yes I'm afraid that it may happen in any future pregnancies. But it still wouldnt put me off having more children because I know the complete joy that a new baby brings. I also know the devastation of losing your only child - so I'm very aware that there are worse things in life than acne. This doesnt tak
  5. You're right. Some docs say BP is ok, others dont. When I was pregnant last year, my doc advised me not to use it so I stopped it altogether. Although it hasnt been known to cause any harm to unborn babies, it hasnt been tested properly on pregnant women either, so its an unknown really. Better safe than sorry though. There are other products you can use during pregnancy and nursing like erythromycin (an antibiotic) and mandelic acid. You're pretty limited though. I've heard of others who have
  6. I agree NewMamma. Babies are the most beautiful and precious thing in the world. Anybody who has a baby is extremely lucky. But there is no doubting that pregnancy is a very very difficult road for many, and not only because of skin problems.
  7. Yes I can vouch for the fact that it is difficult losing baby weight. I'm currently over 2 stone heavier than I was one year ago before pregnancy! I dont let that bother me really though cos I just think there's worse things. Plus the way I look at it, I'm able to control my weight a lot easier than my skin!
  8. There has to be other women out there like me! Having gone through one pregnancy just last year I know the terrible effect it had on my skin (still recovering.) It was a nightmare pregnancy, full of complications with severe acne one of them. (Normally I suffer from mild-moderate acne when I'm off bcp but during pregnancy it just goes mad.) I would love to have another child though but the thought of another pregnancy terrifies me. There are multiple reasons for this because my pregnancy was v
  9. Jen, Just wondering how you are getting on with the treatment? Would be great to hear. Hope it, and the pregnancy:), are going well!
  10. I know what you mean. I had a TERRIBLE time with acne during pregnancy last year, particularly the first trimester when I was struggling to find something safe to use - and during the search used nothing. I have never had such bad skin in my whole life (and I'm 30!) I'm used to mild acne, but this was severe. It is so very hard and to be honest really makes me frightened of pregnancy in the future as it was such a hard time for me. I just didnt want to leave the house! It seems so unfair as pr
  11. When I was pregnant I was prescribed zineryt and then skinoren (azelaic acid). I was told that both are safe in pregnancy - both are topical lotions/creams. Both definitely made an improvement but I was never completely clear. I too was using bp before I got pregnant last year and stopped when I discovered I was pregnant just in case. (I had heard conflicting reports about its safety too and wasnt taking any risks.) I've also heard of some women who have taken oral erythromycin during pregnanc
  12. Hi Kel I'm in a similar position to you. Was pregnant this year, had a terrible time with acne especially in first trimester. I was prescribed zineryt lotion for three months, then switched to skinoren (azelaic acid) for the remainder. Both definitely helped for me, but I felt the zineryt started to wear off (perhaps I developed resistance to it as thats a big prob with it.) Was advised to stay away from tablets, although I've heard erythromycin is safe. But I wasnt happy about taking any medic
  13. Hi Jen I'd be really interested in how you get on with this. I have had mild to moderate acne on and off for about 14 years. During my 20s, I was mostly clear because I was on BCP. When I got married, I came off BCP and I started to break out. But I didnt want to use any medication as we were trying to have a baby. Then in March I found out I was pregnant and I started breaking out really badly - particularly around weeks 8-12. I completely lost my confidence and didnt want to leave the house