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  1. wont matter we will all be old and wrinkly by then. Some of us will be dead.
  2. dunno about you but i take 50mg Zinc Gluconate.. working great for me. its been 1 week.
  3. To all the people who says its pedouscience, screw you (pardon my french) My point was keep everything in balance, it can be diet, it can be face products, it can be lifestyles. Their are 2 types of people on these forums, their 1st kind is the paranoid one, for example asking what i should use this that etc.. the 2nd type of person is using 20-30 products on their face or keeping a ridculous diet. If your allergic to the food why bother posting?? Im just talking about most of the population
  4. @ everyone who thinks im wrong : Why is it that people who don't eat a Western diet don't have acne?? It's predominantly a Western problem. In parts of the world where a Western diet is being adopted, they are now getting acne. Why is the Western part of the world more abnormaly bigger then the rest of the world?? Exactly unbalanced eating.. Answer me these questions mr. know it alls As i live in Asia barely anyone has Acne.
  5. After reading alot of topics on these forums, i realized most peoples post are iggnorant and idiotic.. Some people state Benzoyl Peroxide works and without even knowning it telling everyone else to try it expectin it to work with everyone, when thats not the case.. As everyone is different. The list goes on. Does anyone know the concept of Ying-Yang? The outer circle represents the entirety of perceivable phenomena, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction
  6. Well not the exact same brand.. but i tried something very very similar had no affect on me what so ever.. But who knows might work for you
  7. If you have mild acne, yes its just depends on how attractive you are, if you have horrible skin, I would say no , it just depends on your attractivness.. Also including how superficial she is.. But who isnt superficial, I know i know expect the millions of people online (give me a break laugh)
  8. Well so i never accepted the fact Food was the cause of acne, till 1 week ago, after trying everything from scrubs,proactiv,laser,BHA,AHA, etc etc.. list goes on nothing work over a 2 year period of time... My father told me its your diet, but i didnt want to believe him, as most people online say its a myth. So i never thought twice about it, but then i realized if u look at those african tribes who has little to NO technologly at all have perfect clear skin... that got me thinking..So i came
  9. Holy crap this is the worst product ever, this thing is SOOOOO GREASY, makes my face look like the tip of a highlighter... good lord... My skin was acne free (just had really bad skin texture and blemishes) and i was using it beacuse my skin was awfully dry and i ran out of my olay lotion.. I got 8-10 new INFLAMMED pimples its all red and crap its HUGE not small ones either... I used Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy ORIGINAL Moisturizing Lotion is this one used for the face??
  10. Ya okay i tried i a regimen i dont think its working (barely) anyways i posted pictures and ppl told me my skin is just mild acne.. but here i took a Photo under some diff lighting to show u what i mean... any recommendations? Its weird my skin was never like this until i was around 18 when i got alot of stress and developed alot of acnbe i got rid of em all but maybe that stuff damamged my skin? i went to the dermatologist and asked if it was damage and they said no.. Another photo und
  11. If you want the truth without people on these forums kissing your ass ill give it to you straight i think ur slighty below average in looks, but thats me. Just work on confidents, be funny, act like a dick around girls (like for example flirt with everyone, act like u dont care girls will come here saying NOO!! i want a sweet guy nicve guy, WRONG they dont , infact they dont really know what they want). peeace.
  12. drinking water doesnt do shit for me.. i use to drink 10 bottles a day, wasnt because of my skin i just like drinking water... it didnt do anything.
  13. Day 22 : Face looked great this morning but by night time my face looks little worse.. hopefully it be better by tomorrow gnite.