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  1. Fiksi - Haven't done skin biopsy, not even sure what that is. Depressedwithmyface - I hope it works, I just worry my skin will blow up again when I stop. jPablo - You can find them in the other topic I posted.
  2. Hi everyone. So I started Accutane for my moderate but persistent acne (after trying everything else), and after more than two months, my skin could not be in worse condition. I now have very severe with red marks and cysts all over my face. I went to the derm a couple of days ago, and he said he was gonna take me off Accutane and put me on a month long trial of bactrin (antibiotic). I'm really worried about this whole thing because Accutane is supposed to be the last resort "miracle pill" that
  3. Thanks for replying. My doctor only made me do the initial blood test, which I find strange. As for how I feel, my performance in the gym is unchanged, but I do feel depressed and unmotivated. However, that's probably directly related to the condition of my skin.
  4. Hi everyone. So before I started Accutane, I had moderate persistent acne, as shown in the first pic. I tried nearly everything I could such as retinoids, BP, salicylic acid, etc, but my acne continued to grow worse. Eventually, my doctor gave me a prescription of Accutane, and I've been on it for two and a half months. I didn't see an initial breakout until the first month, and damn did it hit me hard. I was prepared for breakouts like I had seen in YouTube videos and pictures, but this is far