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  1. Day 52 - No real change - red marks still lingering...but improving each day. had one or two spots since the last post- including one of note on my left temple, which i picked...again. Got quite swollen actually. Seriously need to stop with that. Hey Vampireninja- good to hear from you again! - its all going well thanks. Really pleased with the results of the reg- had to really stick it out until i found the balance with my skin allergies and all... The AHA was great initially, and still is, s
  2. cheers for the quick response brandy! thats a great help.
  3. Hey all, in all honesty could anyone tell me - is there much of a difference between the two?- quality/effectiveness wise that is... Id always favour dans products usually, but with living in the Uk its expensive having things shipped over. I could buy the jojoba along with some more bp to get the most out of the order, but theres a customs limit- meaning i could be charged even MORE for making a larger order- (if you sort of follow...) anyway, irrelevent sidetracks aside, the desert essence st
  4. is day 48! blimey. biggest log-lapse since the start. goes to show its working i guess. by the way- the Boots spf is decent... No regimen moisturiser thats for sure- but good for all those, like me who fear (like me!) the dreaded comeodegenic 'suncreams'. Real easy to slap a layer in the morning worry free. Easily abosorbed and all that jazz. not the most comprehensive of reviews i admit.
  5. hey zoetrope! this website i owe the biggest thanks to no doubt about it. to be honest, ive had a few issues personally with the reg in its pure form no thanks to my overly sensitive skin- but the bp/aha once a night supplemented with some other good products for the daytime (notably the 'nick lowe' stuff i mentioned wayyyy back in the log) has been a real revelation. It'd be perfect if i could get away with bp twice a day- the results would be foolproof- but im happy with the odd spot now and
  6. (still the same day...) need an spf with the aha/bp im using. Decided on Boots Expert Anti-Blemish Day Moisturiser SPF 15 Salycilic acid + SPF 15...two birds one stone and all that. Il buy and try tomorrow.
  7. Day 37 Overall =One happy chappy. No new spots except a small whitehead on my left cheek...in remission. Still quite a few red marks and the rumblings of my allergy on my forehead in the form of the odd scaly patch here and there. Tends to recover in the day with a bit of moisturiser so no real worries there. Probably a sign im medicating too much...which brings me on to a(nother) note on the AHA. -Still havent cracked the perfect amount to use each night. It absorbes so well and does wonders
  8. Day 35 Still going strong im happy to report. Red marks are fading slowly. No new acne bar a small spot on my forehead that flattened over a couple of days (no thanks to me picking it...tut, tut). All in all, good, good. One thing of note. Piled on a generous finger length of AHA last night and woke up with some redness/itchyness around my nose and mouth. Definately a no, no, using so much. Still using a thin finger length every night without any hitches. I do however retract my statement ab
  9. Day 32 So, just over a month has passed. Its been a topsy-turvy couple of weeks, but at this moment, im as close to clear as ive ever been. Last few days have been immense! Not a single new spot. Its actually kind of strange- honestly cant remember a day since i was 13 where i havent had to picked/poked/prodded a new blemish.The Olay sensitive has yet to break me out, which is surprising considering how the comeodogenic the normal Olay was. At the moment, im using dans bp (a generous finger le
  10. Day 28 thanks to going to town with the olay sensitive - the immense dryness has all but gone so il recommence the regimen later tonight. surprisingly no new breakouts to speak off, just a couple of whiteheads (yummy). Couple of biiig red marks that have seemed to have re-appeared following the eucerin mishap, particularly on my left cheek. Still, il celebrate the recovery by eating a sandwich.
  11. Day 26 (there or thereabouts...) Nearly a month through the (ever evolving) regimen. Havent posted in a while, not for lack of news - in fact, quite the opposite - its been more than eventful. Currently, nursing some of the dryest, most uncomfortable skin ive had in a while. Ironically, my forehead is perfect (both acne and allergy-wise), which is encouraging- plus, the combination of the bp and aha has meant i have two/three small postules on my face , so in essence almost clear. However my
  12. Day 21 the magic three week mark (give or take a day). cheers vampire ninja! - cant beat the support on here. Right. Well. Ok. Cant deny the last few days have been a tad disapointing. Two days ago, my dermatitis played up - particularly on my forehead and neck. Not completely out of the blue, as ive had the odd itch and red patch here and there since the start of the regimen. This time however, the steroid cream had to be called upon, which unfortunately signals the end of the bp honeymoon
  13. Day 18 Ok. So the AHA arrived this morning. Just this minute applied a dab all over my face (VERY sparingly) following the bp for my evening routine (its about 7pm - a little earlier than usual). Also - as a NEW moisturiser, ive reverted back to an old friend - Eucerin I say old 'friend' the last time i used the range i was slightly disapointed with it considering the price. HOWEVER, looking back im pretty sure I bought the 'dry skin day relief cream', which according to the website, is not
  14. Day 16 so...its been - slightly over two weeks? well its been a rollercoaster people -the 'nemesis' if i was to make a direct comparison - (im old, i know) here are the most recents... overall, especially on comparison with the last ones, im rather chuffed ('happy', 'pleased', 'pleasently surprised', to save google-ing). still, ive had a few big ones as you can see - if youve followed my previous posts, it could well be the moisturiser thats to blame...only time will tell. ...they remain a