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  1. Any oil swishers out there with updates? I'm curious to know how it's helped your skin? I finally did my first swish today. Wasn't bad at all. The oil doesn't even taste like anything..it just feels like you have thick slimy water in your mouth. So, I'll let you know in about a week if I see a difference. But in the meantime..anyone have any updates???
  2. So I finally read through this whole thing. ANY UPDATES?!?!?! I'm curious.
  3. Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford. Or Reclaim by Victoria Principal. Or look for products with AHA.
  4. No, you don't have to follow it up with a liver cleanse or enema. You can..you don't have to though. This cleanse is a 3 day pre-cleanse, and then the 5 day main cleanse. During the 5 days, you cannot eat. You can have some veggie broth if you need it I guess. But you are pretty full from all the apple juice.
  5. Yes, Blessed herbs comes with everything you need. (Except the apple juice.) No, it won't make you break out at all. That's mucoid plaque that you're looking at. It's on your intestinal walls..no naturally it takes the shape of your intestines. This isn't a liver cleanse, it's a bowel/colon cleanse. NO, YOU CANNOT EAT on this cleanse. That will completely negate the whole purpose of the cleanse.
  6. If you want to cleanse your colon use Blessed Herbs. Trust me. Don't even waste your time with anything else. Go to Blessedherbs.com. It's a little pricey..but so worth it.
  7. Can you brush your teeth afterwards..like with regular toothpaste???
  8. vince~ You're supposed to fast during a bowel cleanse. Eating really negates the whole purpose of the cleanse. If you eat, the shake will just bind to the food you eat, instead of the stuff you are trying to get out.
  9. I have no idea. Blessed Herbs is the only one I've tried. I got lucky I guess..that I picked this one. Some of the other ones seemed so infomercial-ish. Does that make sense? BH just seemed real. Yeah, I'm sure the ingredients has a lot to do with it.
  10. I've done BH 3 times. It's truly the best colon cleanse out there. Don't waste your time with anything else. It's pricey but worth it. I'm glad you had such success with it. ;o)
  11. By the way, you have to cleanse the colon (bowels) first before doing a liver flush. If your bowels aren't clean, then the toxins will just get recycled back into your body. Just a warning to all you liver flushers.
  12. Dudeman~ Congrats! You sound just like me. Living-foods.com is where I first discovered RAW food too. Have you done any cleanses? I used to do the Master Cleanse a lot. But now I've graduated to the Bowel Cleanse. Good times. So, tell me where you got your shower head? I have been wanting to get one.