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  1. My answer is a "qualified" yes. From age 19 to about 44 my scars were extensive and those flat large dark scars on my cheeks with lots of icepick scars. Many people shunned me. I am a white female, now 71. My boyfriend of the last 10 years once asked me if I ever had acne, he was not talking about scars, he really was just asking about acne. I had: 1 light dermabrasion (age 20) - no change 1 deep dermabrasion (age 27) - improvement but all still there, along with lots of pigmentation probl
  2. yes, they are . You have the same type of skin I had-I emphasize HAD. Because your condition is more superficial, and there are many treatments that will help yur condition. Time helps. Also, be patient, one treatment may not be 100%, but will help. I had dermabrasions when I was in my 20's (2), then a face lift when I was 42 (helped because it acted as an excision and untethered my scars. I haven't worried about it since and I don't think mine show any more. You can click my name and se
  3. I think you are over reacting. I heal very fast, when I was 28 I had a very good and deep dermabrasion, deep is the only thing that works. I did go into the sun a little and notice pictures where my skin is brown a year later, so be careful of that. I decided during my healing that perhaps I pulled too hard on the bnadages and maybe caused more scarring. I went to the doctor all upset and he said-"Don't worry, you can't hurt that." He was right. That dermabrasion was the advent of my getti
  4. After decades of acne scars, here is my input about moistuizers. I could not use them until I was in my mid - fifties because I broke out in my life-loing cyctic acne when I had any grease on my face. Even hair gel gave me cystic acne. I noticed along the way that my icepick scars disappeared-first they disappearedin the center of my face-the oily part of my face. They just disappeared, they are gone. When I reached my fifties I no longer broke out, and I started rubbing greasy face cream
  5. Dear scarred4life666: Dear scarred4life666: Now, calm down, don't panic like that. The redness will go away. The treatment you are asking about is skin grafts, and some doctors actually can do something called punch graft that has worked, it depends on the doctor I hear. There are many treatments to improve this, plus time is a great healer of these scars. When I was in my 20's my face was as bad as it gets. I believe I have had huge improvement over time, as you will have. You can clic
  6. Dan T Where is this doctor, isn't this what we all want-no more scars and a face that looks good?
  7. I still keep thinking about the young lady in Australia who had all of her scars improved to completely normal by some kind of excision with grafting from behind her ear. She said her skin is perfectly normal. The treatment is done by someone here in Denver but evidently it is important to get the one doctor in the world with talent in this area. She was on this message board, and still is, somewhere. I have no idea why evey one of us who hate their scars, no matter how implroved, would not
  8. Mine went away by themselves. Oh, and they were far worse than yours, and accompanied by a bunch of other kinds of acne scars. Keep up with the "exfoliating-type " or "abrasion-type_ procedures. Mine took years to go completely away, but finally the last ones left me when I massaged them every night with cream and they eventually "peeled off." I wish I had done more of the treatments, I wouldn't have spent so much time with the scars, but all of those critics of mine, including my doctors,
  9. Hi group I posted a few months ago and I was so happy that I finally had little if any residual scars after 2 dermabrasions and 2 facelifts and lots of time for loosening of scars. By the way, Ylem, I live in Colorado and have recently thought about gong to doc to talk about filler. I lost about 10 pounds this winter and the weight loss caused my areas of rolling scars to sink in a little and I can see the sunken areas. The areas are right under my cheekbones and the scars all run together,
  10. Tom When I was seeing the plastic surgeons in the late 80's for acne scar relief, the last one I saw said that with the advent of Accutane and other drugs for acne, only the old people would have scars and the young people would get treatment for their acne and have no scars. (Obviously he was wrong, on any given day I see a large percentage of epople with scars, whgich I never never noticed wehn I was young and before I got them). Anyway, the ps said that there was no research of effort go
  11. face-lift I was getting collegen shots in some of my huge scars ad I wanted the plastic surgeon to do more. He said--"there are no real treatments in the offing for these scars (he was wrong, there are many new studies). He suggested a face lift to tighten and stretch my scars and thought it would lst 10 years. I had large flat things all over my face, with icepick scars also all over my face. The stretchng acted to flatten them more, and loosening the skin from the underling layers helped