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    I have tried various things on and off. I've used Retin A, Micro Retin A, Clindamycine, Doxicyclane, and others. They didn't clear up my skin perfectly, but did enough for me to feel better about my skin. I stopped taking my most recent antibiotic, Doxicycline, a year ago because I experience a grand mal seizure for the first time in my life. I do not feel that the medication had a direct effect on my seizure because I had experienced smaller seizures before I had started Doxicycline.

    My acne has gradually made its way back, and I am now back to the drawing board. I am planning to visit the dermatologist and am going to request an antibiodic that is affordable. I am not looking for perfection, but for better control.

    I also have a recent interest in herbal options, and will be doing more research in that area.
  1. I have been using various antibiotics to fight my acne for the past few years, but have not seen incredibly great results. I may have seen slight positive results, but my skin would ultimately return to as it was. I strongly believe that Doxycycline negatively impacted my health by moving my body to have grand mal seizures (the most intense seizures a person can have). I have had two grand mal seizures while taking Doxycycline. My new year's resolution was to alter my diet in order to contro
  2. haha looks like i'm def not the only one that's come here to leave a comment about your avi

  3. BP 2.5% 1x day Clindamycin 2x day Doxycycline 100 mg 2x day Today is my first day with this stuff. MAN clindamycin stings like hell. I'm going to use it as sparingly as possible, I can't believe he prescribed twice a day. Does the skin become use to the sting or is that a sign of hey get this the hell off me? I was on retin-a micro and minocycline (100mg 2x a day) for about a year... Started out really well, then wore off. Yeah I went through a couple derms who prescribed some really expensiv
  4. I noticed an increase in consistent breakouts immediately after I stopped taking minocycline. I didn't wait around to see what the worst would be, but I know my skin was well on its way to its previous condition!
  5. Bactrim DS 180mg-160 Benzaclin w/ pump 5%-1% Epiduo gel .1%-2.5% I was on micro retin-a for a little over a year. It definitely helped clear up my skin but I'm getting more break outs now. The derm wanted to prescribe me accutane right away, I resisted, so the list above is what I got. Haven't gotten them yet. He gave just 1 refill for each. Any input? I'll update this post after I've done the meds for a month.
  6. Hey, how you doing? Did you see Depeche Mode? I had tickets to see them in San Diego but they canceled! Hopefully they'll reschedule but who knows.

  7. What insurance do you recommend when it comes to paying for acne prescriptions? Any college students here paying for individual insurance that covers these prescriptions? Also bypasses the pre-existing condition clause?
  8. Something that has always worried me about success is my acne. In our society (US) we have the obvious concept that beautiful people are more successful. Generally, this is true-beautiful people obviously have an easier time with getting a job because of their looks. But just now I was thinking that this whole theory is way overboard, and we shouldn‘t let it weigh down our ambitions as much as the media wants it to. Every so often I see photos of business people who are in charge of major corp
  9. Generally what it comes down to for me is the work force. Everything is based upon beauty in the US and when money and business is involved, people are more heartless than when it comes to relationships. So I do believe it's harder for a woman because they are expected to be a piece of ass in any situation. What's up with all these TV sitcoms? A fat stupid husband with a smart beautiful successful wife. Anyway, strong confidence does go a long way.
  10. No responses on RoC hmm? Strange. There's an official RoC makeup store in a near by mall so I'd assume it's somewhat well known. I've been using RoC for about a month now. The makeup covers well, and is easy to work with. My face has been breaking out though, no huge monstrous pimples, but small ones. Nonetheless, my face is more speckled than before I started using the makeup. I'm still thinking my skin is adjusting, considering I never put on makeup before I bought RoC. I've been on Micro Re
  11. I'm looking into RoC cosmetics-what's everyone think about it? Of course I was given "Bare minerals has corn starch, RoC is completely natural." Any reviews?
  12. I am coming to the end of my three month trial of Retin-A. Throughout the time I have been using retin-A, my face has cleared up considerably. The main thing I noticed is that my break outs came to a complete stop. Before I used retin-a, I was getting breakouts daily that would last for a few days, and leave red marks. My breakouts have decreased, though it did make my overall tone redder. I've recently started breaking out more-mainly small zits, but still breakouts that are red marks for a
  13. When I smile my skin is strained underneath my smile. There are lines that extend from the corners of my mouth down to my chin (one line is more visible than the other), though they do not curve with my cheeks, they extend straight diagonally. They look like scars, though they are not, and they are only visible when I smile. They don't look normal, I've looked up info from other sites and the first thing people say is 'dimples are cute, don't get rid of them.' These lines look strange, my mom as