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  1. so I haven't been picking at my skin much which is COOL. I try to pay more attention to my actions & it's working. my skin's looking genuinely nice but I have a few wounds that still need to heal. that's particularly difficult cause dead dry skin seems very appealing for my picking-loving fingers I've ordered some natural oils and I'm excited for them to arrive. will write reviews there is this one huge wound under my eyebrow that's a bit gross as eyebrow hairs are growing through it a
  2. I have had dermatillomania for as long as I remember but only recently I realised how much it really fucks up my skin. I really do think that it is the main reason for my acne. it's a vicious cycle: my anxiety makes me pick at my skin, that causes my acne, my acne makes me anxious about my appearance. and there are also other things that motivate me to end this ugly habit: mostly I am scared that I will eventually develop actual OCD. there has been a period in my life in which I compulsively pic
  3. gothgf

    wasted two months

    wasted two months

    first of all I should say that it was the first time I went on the pill and I went off it after less then two months I tend to break out around ovulation and I also needed birth control so I got prescribed Diane-35 (actually it was Syndi-35 but that's literally the same thing). I was really excited about it but it kept making me feel gross: I started having blackheads (which I had never had before) and my acne got WAY worse. I felt so bad about myself because of my skin that I didn't even want
  4. the only thing that works for my cysts

    when I was first prescribed Clindamycin, I wasn't very enthusiastic about it as it kept leaving my skin feeling waxy and, frankly, gross. I stopped using it the way my dermatologist told me to (I was supposed to put it on every morning but of course I can't go to school like that) and I started putting it topically on my cysts a couple of times a day and also leave it overnight. and that really works! but what's even better, it fixes my dermatillomania excesses. I have an ugly habit of pickin