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  1. Strange how this works for some but not others. For the people that it worked on, did you have digestive problems before? Maybe it only works if thats a cause? brit; maybe you're taking too much/too little? Are you following the directions on the bottles etc to the letter? I may give this a go myself.
  2. I think we have an idiot of the forum Nice welcome, ass. Welcome YouTube guy! You may want to start your own thread though (w/ links to your videos and a bit about yourself) so you're not lost in this thread
  3. You become better though as time goes on at being seductive and getting the girls you want. Heck, I'm still on that journey myself. And I completely understand what you mean by having acne takes down your confidence, I agree. What I'm trying to say is that if you try and work on other things as well, you can start to become a lot better with girls in general and you may just fall into a relationship the next time you meet a girl you like.
  4. Be concious of how you present yourself when you meet her. If you're going up thinking to yourself "she hates me" then that's what you're projecting to her when you first look at her. You can communicate so much without even speaking a word. You've put yourself in the 'friends zone'. You need to start working on becoming flirty. If you don't indicate you're attracted to her for a relationship (or whatever), then you're going to come off as a guy she's talking to and you will stay
  5. I started off similar to you dude; I'd go on Accutane if you can find it it helped clear those ones near my forehead up.
  6. Do _NOT_ use online dating sites. There are girls everywhere, even at the shops while you buy your lunch.
  7. I avoid fast food every time - it tastes gross and makes me feel horrible (plus, I'm conscious of it giving me bad skin). I'm also a gym junkie so fast food is a waste of time
  8. Were you flirting with you? For real here, if she is talking with you "the whole night" mate she was waiting for you to start escalating and kiss her. She left with another guy because you didn't get the hint Stuff she probably did: * Touched you for a moment (anywhere - your hair, hand, arm, shoulder, ...) or even held touch (eg, shoulder to shoulder as you were talking with her), ... * Sat closer to you during the night * Twirled her hair * Stared right into your eyes at times ... the
  9. Yes. If you are sitting all alone at a table in a bar looking bored, there are many guys in that room thinking they would like to go and talk to you but think in their head "maybe she has a boyfriend" "she will think I am weird", or just downright feel damn nervous. I feel nervous too at times, but I just think "ok great" and just do it anyway :) If you see a guy you'd like to chat too who's also looking bored - how about opening with that? "I see you're bored like me at the moment, wha
  10. Your looking at this the wrong way. What about putting yourself out there so that someone has the opportunity to meet you? Guys *love it* when a girl approaches them, trust me, if you were out dancing with your girl friends or just having a drink at the pub or eating a meal, whatever it is, saying 'hey how is your day going?' would spark an IMMEDIATE conversation. I don't like rejection either, but I understand that everyone is different and sometimes people will approach me who I am not '
  11. Cool! Sounds like you're already making progress to me. I also go to the gym, but am not where I want to be just yet Next time you are out, go and do that approach You will probably hesitate and freeze up, but realise you're doing this and go "Ok, I know I am getting nervous, but I am going to approach her anyway". If you want to 'warm up' before hand, which I do most of the time, you can just talk to a group of people in line - "so how do you guys know each other?", stuff like that. Be a
  12. masg and Shekshee, I have some advice for you both - it is real, serious and practical. 1) If you want to become fit, join a gym. Look today to see what gyms are around you, 99% offer personal training sessions. All sorts of people with different ages, skill levels and goals attend gyms - you definitely wont feel out of place or any of that rubbish. Sign up. 2) Do you remember how good it feels to try on some new clothes, and the confidence it gives you? Go and buy a new outfit, take a (girl)f
  13. Can you post a picture? It's probably easier to help. It may be a cyst, or perhaps a standed hair that has become stuck? Cortisone should be used with caution, it can cause scarring.
  14. Can I recommend you try using both? What I do is use an electric shaver which gets rid of the majority, and then I use a manual razor at times to finish off the job. If I used the manual razor first, I would tug like crazy, but because I use it afterwards its only cleaning up and gets it nice and smooth.