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  1. plphil4

    Didn't work for me

    Didn't work for me

    Did not work for me.. if anything my acne got worse while taking doxycycline and I felt sick everyday even when I took it with food. Took it for 2 months and my doctor changed me to a different antibiotic.
  2. Ladies! I am curious to know which birth control helped with your acne if it is something you have tried. I was on Loryna (generic for Yaz) for the last 9 years for my acne and I had trouble getting my prescription refilled so I stopped taking it in February 2017. While on Loryna, I had beautiful skin! You couldn't even tell I ever had acne. After getting off the pill, by July I had full blown cystic acne. My OBGYN put my on generic Loestrin 1/20 in October 2017 because I was getting migraines f
  3. plphil4

    Good to dry out pimples

    Good to dry out pimples

    This stuff is good to use to dry out acne. I have used it on new pimples and old pimples to dry them out, but I wouldn't use it every night as it is very drying and can irritate your skin if you use it too much. It didn't do anything for my cysts under the skin, but did help with surfaced acne. It does have a sulfer smell to it but it really didn't bother me.
  4. plphil4

    Not for me

    Not for me

    I have cystic acne and very sensitive skin. This product was not for me. It irritated my skin and made me break out for a few days. I like how it made my skin feel after washing though. Just wasn't a good fit for my skin problems.
  5. Hi everyone! So I've never posted on here before but I had read these forums for a while and finally thought I would get some other opinions. I am a 24 year old female struggling with cystic acne after stopping birth control. A little back story... I've had acne since I was in high school. It was pretty bad in high school and I tried everything over the counter and saw multiple dermatologists that prescribed different topicals that didn't do much for my skin. I remember using Epiduo, Differin