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  1. Been using it every few days for like 3 weeks and every single time I use it I wake up with a new pimple or two..is this purging or is the product breaking me out? help!
  2. anyone go through a purging period with mandelic? how long did it last for you? .. i'm peeling like crazy and purging
  3. I tried BP last year for a few months but it really didn't do anything for my blackheads or clogged pores, my main problem is blackheads/clogged pores so I don't think the BP would help. Thanks though, out of curiosity which Murad product did you try?
  4. I have been using paula's choice BHA for a months now, started off with the 1% upped it to 2% did the gel now using the liquid and although it's helped somewhat, it hasn't completely..and it hasn't done thing for my blackheads. I read a bunch of good reviews on the Murad T Zone Pore Refining Gel and wanted to give it a try, from what I understand it has retinol and salicylic im just not sure if the concentration is more that PC. My current regimen is PC every morning/night (alternating nights i
  5. I know how you feel. I've finally decided to give up on MMU also. Love everything about EDM but literally after 2 hours it would slide off my face so I tried alima minerals and there formula is even better then EDM, IMO. But it would also slide off my face, I mean my face is oily but I don't think its THAT oily that makeup should be sliding off. And actually for some odd reason I find that with MMU the coverage looks awesome in person but in pictures I come out looking really weird. I just uploa
  6. Yea, I have one of those. The infinity edge .. it's good because you can adjust the straps to halter, racerback, etc .. but as a strapless it also SUCKS it provides no support and I kept having to pull it up. So my quest continues for the perfect strapless bra .. I was thinking to buy one size smaller lol I don't know maybe that's silly but I figure it will be a little tighter so I wont have to pull it up all day!
  7. not sure if this has been posted already but EDM's silk dust has been discontinued anyone know of any similar products on the market?
  8. I've been looking into chemical peels to do myself, but I'm a complete beginner when it comes to this stuff..what are the benefits of each and also what is a good percentage to start off with..and does it leave your face red?? Please help .. any info would be appreciated !
  9. I've been on it for a month and am peeling like crazyyy..i use it every other night but i stopped for about 5 days to give my skin some time to breathe and started up again, any idea when the peeling subsides? thanks..
  10. I currently use Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid every day and night, and MaMa lotion every other night .. i've been on my current regimen for a month and no matter what I do my skin is still flaky. I moisturize alot .. I exfoliate with a baby brush and sometimes I use dermalogica's daily microfoliant which works well I just always have leftover dead skin on my forehead, and If I don't exfoliate every day it builds up .. it's sort of like the skin on my forehead is scaly .. I don't know if i'm makin
  11. I use paulas choice 2% BHA the liquid version. I was wondering how long should I let it absorb into the skin before I apply my moisturizer?
  12. Definitely EDM, you said your really pale - they have a great color match. I'm pale too and any other makeup i've used has never matched my skin, it always has orange coloring to it. EDM matches my skin very well.