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  1. that's nothing...I take around 20-25 pills a day
  2. bump...I'd like to know too. I thought to get those kinda of test you would have to go to a hollistic doctor?
  3. if your just trying to get lean muscle, like defined arms and abs and chest, do you just lift a small amount you can handle doing again and again? Also what about cardio, should I be on the treadmil jogging/running heavily if I still want to gain muscle but loose a small lil pudge?
  4. I bought my Taurine at GNC for like $4.50. I used my Gold Card so if your not a member than its like 1.50 more or something. It's 500mg w/ 30 capsules. Only last like 2 weeks but just buy two. My store only offered the 30 pill quantity
  5. If what glennart and livesinabox said about how carb blockers work, then I would think the much cheaper psyllium husk is a better choice. Especially if it's a nutritionally void meal anyway. One thing I'd like is an idea how much to take. Like how many capsules before a slice of birthday cake?
  6. to whoever suggested using jojoba oil for shaving!!! I tried it last night with the jojoba oil Dan sent out when he was sending them out for free for people to try and then post results. Well I used it, my skins feels awesome. So far no breakouts from shaving like I usually get the next day or night from shaving. Only thing, it's a bit harsh, like it hurts to shave if you've gone a week without shaving like I did, but other than that, its awesome!
  7. So, is there some kind of ice cream that is non-dairy, no/extremely low carbs with no artificial sugar, instead some with splenda. A kind that I could buy at Wal-Mart or something cuz I luuv ice cream so much and crave it all the time but everytime I eat regular kind I break out cuz of the dairy and plus weight gain cuz of all the carbs and sugars. HELp!
  8. yuh...I been tanning for about a month now going to the tanning bed every day and then every 2 days I'll skip a day. It healed all my chest acne and cysts I had aorund my pelvic area. Since then I've had no new breakouts. I even use tanning lotion except on my face. But its not some cheap kind, was 120 dollars, 12 bronzers, lots of moisturizers....is VERY good. Called Australian Gold
  9. I been taking PH for awhile now too. Question though, should you take 2 capsules before you eat and if so how long before you eat or while eating or after eating?
  10. just eat like no carbs...you'll lose weight fast with or without exercise
  11. an enema/SWF? whats that...ill go buy it if I know what it is cuz I'm trying to do a colon cleanse
  12. Ok...so I got my 3 lemons, epson salt(not cubes though), and extra virgin 100% olive oil. Now what?