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  1. I apply supercop to skin after the peel too, like when skin is dry and tight as you describe (before it starts peeling), but I am not sure if that truly helps any as the skin during that time seems to act like too much of a barrier for any type of penetration. I know right after your skin peels off is a good time for supercop, but I often feel like that during that before period I am just wasting the product. ←
  2. It does look like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation to me. The lighting in the picture isn't great but it doesn't look red to me, just hyperpigmented. I see this type of hyperpigmentation in many of my Asian clients. In my experience I've found that treating this type of skin VERY gently is extremely important since any irritation can make it worse. I would suggest trying a cleanser with salicylic acid ( 2% or less ) and you can also try a 2% hyroquinone cream...If you experience any irritati
  3. Relume, the laser for hypopigmentation does NOT work !! I've had several clients who have tried it and it didn't help at all. If the hypopigmentation was caused by Erium or CO2 Laser and there is a distinct line of demarcation, it can be "feathered" with an Erbium laser to blend it ( make it less noticeable ) but nothing aside from permanent cosmetics will restore the pigment. If you go to an experienced Perm Cosmetic pratititioner who is VERY experienced in color matching, the results will be q
  4. The answers to your questions are NO, NO & NO.... I usually do a 25% peel every six months and we do many TCA peels in our clinic, the results are great for sun damage, shallow to medium scars,hyperpigmentation and fine lines but we do not use it as an " acne treatment" After your skin heals you'll be happy with the results, your skin tone will be smoother and fresher but it is not uncommon for a mild breakout to occur after the peel heals. Pores do not change in size, if they are kept free
  5. Insurance companies are really terrible about paying for any treatment that might be considered "cosmetic" In my area ( New Jersey ) they are even trying to impose a 6% tax on any cosmetic procedure including dental procedures. All the estheticians, Drs, dentists are really freaking out over this since it can dramatically increase the cost of already expensive treatments. I am very fortunate that my clinic is just across the river in PA so I don't have to increase the cost of any treatment. It n
  6. As most of you know, I own a skincare clinic and have almost every conceivable device for skin treatments..I tried almost everything ! Microdermabrasion should not be marketed as a treatment for scars or even for fine lines. I have a medical grade machine and now only use it as part of a routine maintenance facial. It is a great exfoliator when used correctly and does make your skin feel smoother for a while since it does remove most of the dead skin cells. I also use it as a prep for enzyme pee
  7. I too find it strange that an indentation formed from subscision, when our docs do subscions they are very conservative because they don't want the too much scar tissue to form causing a raised area ( lump ) If necessary they do a second subscision if needed, but I've never seen an indented scar form from this procedure. It is true that the chin is a difficult area to treat, there is more movent in this area due to chewing, talking, smiling etc and also even revising scars from accidents is dif
  8. Perhaps the differences mentioned in the article ( I haven't read it ) refer to the different hormonal changes that occur especially during puberty or early adulthood in both men and women. Also many women use "the pill" which does alter hormone levels and can either help or exacerbate acne. Men also do have slightly tougher skin in general and of course the hair growth and shaving play a big part in skin care for men especially with ingrown hairs and folliculitis. All in all most treatments are
  9. Fine grains work much better, the larger ones seem to scratch the skin. It is very important to be very gentle when using any exfoliator with any size grains. The big mistake most people make is scrubbing too hard, you cannot "sand away" scars or red marks, if you scrub too hard you will only cause more damage. BTW baking soda is VERY safe...cheap too !! Baking soda is also good to use at the last stages of the healing process of any chemical peel to remove the last bit of shedding skin....just
  10. Don't forget to use sunblock....it'll only get worse if you expose it to the sun !!! And listen to Tracy ...
  11. Pete, No point missed !! The process by which veins are eliminated is in NO way analogous to saline injections for scars. The only truth in your post is that the hypertonic saline does destroy the lining of the vessel but it does not swell...it collapses the vessel and blood does not clot...this would cause an embolism and it does not become scar tissue, the vessel is destroyed and absorbed by the body. the plumping effect of the normal saline injected into the scar is most probably ( not prove