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  1. Well still healing and it's taking longer than I'd like. I'm supposed to go back to work Monday and I'm worried about being able too. Skin is crusting over and brownish in most places, some areas still swollen and very red, mostly the cheeks. It's getting really itchy and uncomfortable. Anybody have any ideas for creams to speed the healing?? Still just using Aquaphor.
  2. This is so weird b/c i made a post about this idea I think years ago. How about this product? "Scar suction pump" http://www.rehabmart.com/product/scar-suction-pump-6656.html
  3. Had the Affirm CO2 fractional laser today. One pass over my whole face and 2 over scarred areas on my cheeks. I wanted to post befores, but I can't find any pics that show the scars well. They took pics in the office so I'm gonna try to get those. My scars were mild to in my opinion severe. Atleast very moderate. Rolling, and some white scarring, don't know what the term is for that, but there is no pigment at all in it. Also lots of redness and red marks. Just horrible skin tone overa
  4. Lamar, Can you give us some links to the best place to buy the LED lights? Thanks
  5. Was told not to expect much of a result for the first time, said results will be gradual over 6 month period. I'm going to have 3 more treatments every 3 weeks. I have moderate rolling scars on both cheeks. I'm pleased to say I can already see some improvement. The procedure was done last Mon. so all the swelling is gone, and I'm impressed. First of all, it was pretty painful. And I was VERY swollen for 1 day, used alot of ice and it gradually subsided over 2 or 3 days. This procedure is s
  6. So I was thinking last night and had kind of a light bulb moment. I had seen a story on this pump and suction device that is supposed to enlarge womens breasts. It's based on the fact that when cells are stretched for a certain length of time they split and expand (something like that). Anyway, it's the only known natural way to permanently enlarge breasts. So with that in mind, I started thinking if the same concept could work on depressed scars. I did a web search on suction and scars,
  7. Peeled off scabs and flaking skin from healing cysts. I just did it to make it look smoother under makeup, ugh. Picking at my skin. It was SOOOO stupid, and I think it caused most of my scarring.
  8. The tilting your head slightly up thing is good. I have to say, I used to always do the opposite just as a natural reaction, but really it's best to hold your head high. It makes you look much better. Another thing is smiling. Smiling usually minimizes rolling scars on the cheek area.
  9. It's a new technique similar to subcision. I watched a video on the website and they had gotten pretty good results on acne scarring on the cheeks with this. http://www.coaptsystems.com/products/SurgiWire_product.html
  10. Glycolic acid is very weak in my experience. I ordered the 70% and did it AFTER microdermabrasion and only got a slight flaking from it. I ordered mine from Makeupartistschoice.com. I still have quite a bit left, and it gives a good burn and gets really red while it's on. I only leave it on like 7 or 8 minutes. Then it gets a little dry and flakes off for a few days. Does anyone know if their products are good?
  11. I just ordered 21% TCA from makeupartistschoice.com. Has anyone used this strength before, and if so what results did you get? I plan on taking before and after pics and posting them. My second question is, how do I find a Doctor that performs subcision? Should I call around and ask over the phone? I don't want to go to tons of appts. just to find out if they offer it or not. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.
  12. Glycolic acid is very weak in my experience. I ordered the 70% and did it AFTER microdermabrasion and only got a slight flaking from it.