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  1. have you tried any also can you recommend me one?
  2. I have alot of brown marks on my face... im almost at the point of depression maybe already am. I have no idea what to do and how to get rid of them. The BP I used made it worse and now they feel like its permanent. Can any suggest anything I can do.. man I feel like just giving up on life right now feel like I failed.
  3. im currently in the position where most of my friends that i have known drifted away. but im ok with that the closest ones are still here for now... but i havent gone out or chilled with them for about 6 months now. they ask me to go but i cant cause over the past year my acne and scarring has just been crazy. but i have gotten used to staying home and dont mind it but i get the guilty feeling.
  4. feel so damn cursed. everyone around me is good looking but me. sometimes i just wonder why me. im covered im dark brown scars my face is honestly sometimes i just really wish to just kill myself but that would be selfish of me towards my family. fuk man.. sorry for cursing but man do i feel like shit right now..
  5. omg i dont feel like even leaving the house. i have so much brown spots and red marks on my face i feel so depressed. i duno wat to do with them. i jus look like total crap rite now and also feel like crap. is there any way i can fade them or speed up the process of fading them its killing me..
  6. lmao ur a loser ppl dont click on his links its just giving him referrals
  7. 2 and a half weeks into the regime and I can say i have improved significantly. i still get a bit of pimples but not as much as before. i just have some scarring to deal with now. will continue this regime for sure its great.i hope i dont jinx myself by saying this lol
  8. right now i have so many cyst spots about to explode and be popped is it best to leave them? or pop them im not sure
  9. im using 1/4 of my finger to start off should i use some more?
  10. omg its like worse then ever now everyday im getting new acne after ive been on the regime. is it suppose to be like this today its like the worse the sides of my face jus has so many bumps and it hurts now duno what to do buts its only been 1 week hopefully it will show more results..
  11. i feel u man im 20 and this is hell im going through. my acne is taking over my life. i dont even feel like going out anymore
  12. wow this is exact same scenario i am in right now. acne has like taken over my liife for the past 7-8 months. im still battling it but many friends i have lost but i still have the ones that i know since grade school and they ask me why you never come out and stuff. i jus say to them im not feeling it but totally this sucks. i want to go out but its hard to face everyone with acne. i have a feeling i am going to regret this majorly in the future
  13. Update: 5th day and im still getting acne and my face is red lol but im still keeping my head up or trying to at least. Question: is it normal to be sitll gettin acne while being on the dkr regime?