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  1. Tea tree is really good so I would defo say keep using that, but I would say use the oil instead of soap, the oil is more stronger so more effective. It does dry and irritate the skin sometimes so you could dilute it first and then use it on your spots. if your skin gets overly dry, use AHA products like glycolic acid. Glycolic acid exfoliates the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells without you having to scrub or do anything to your skin. But again it can be irritating so you could dilute that
  2. Yes it does look like its moderate with a lot of redness.. maybe stop with the shea butter. it would be good if you knew your skin type so you could get proper reccommendations examples of skin types include oily skin which features constant greasy and shiny looking patches with a lot of blackheads.. dry skin features flakes and dead skin cells peeling off and then theres combination type skin which is a bit of both
  3. Shea butter I’ve heard makes skin worse and breaks people out especially if you have oily skin.. dont worry if some products don’t work for you it’s all about trial and error so experiment to see what works for you what type of acne do you have and what type of skin?
  4. What moisturiser do you use? Some moisturisers aren’t good for sensitive skin and actually make it worse so maybe try different moisturisers that are more soothing
  5. Hmm a theory is that since you wear makeup on your hairline, bumps appear and if you have popped them, they may have spread out to your forehead if that’s totally not the case I would suggest doing trial and error but me personally I got rid of my forehead bumps that looked like this due to using tea tree oil so maybe try that
  6. did it start to flatten when you used benzoyl? i would suggest for you to keep treating it and maybe use tea tree oil as that helps to flatten bumps and they eventually flake off
  7. Looks quite severe meaning youll be able to get a dermatologist appointment. antibiotics work but are harmful longterm. invest in a good skin care routine. do trial and error and find out what works for your skin. use topical acne cream too picking at your face isnt good but when you find yourself doing this, afterwards boil some water in a kettle, wait for it to cool down a bit and use a towel to pour some on it use this as a hot compress on the areas of the face you have picked at, it will p
  8. could be both.. try trial and error and experiment with medications for both types of issues e.g. fungal cream if its a potential fungal infection or salicylic acid if its clogged pores do you wear makeup? this can cause bumps like this
  9. ive had bumps like this, try tea tree oil and witch hazel products i would steam my face, extract the pus out hygienically then put tea tree oil or witch hazel on
  10. Because the spots are causing you pain and discomfort you would definitely need to tell a doctor about this and they may even arrange for you to meet a dermatologist who would give effective treatment for this issue i have had red spots that dont come to a head, tea tree oil helped flatten them and eventually they would flake off so maybe try that? Definitely speak with a doctor about this though
  11. maybe your foundation caused the acne have a look at the ingredients in your foundation because they may be bad for your skin have a look at this website https://lamav.com/blogs/articles/13-common-ingredients-in-cosmetics-that-actually-cause-acne
  12. ShowyFunction



    I havent used this product enough to come to a concrete decision on whether it has been good for my skin but so far it definitely does dry up spots, flatten bumps overnight, gets rid of oil and leaves my skin feeling fresh. I understand some people have very sensitive and acne-prone skin therefore i think this oil is NOT for them. It is VERY strong and drying and can actually make your acne worse. if you have dry and flaky skin the oil will not be able to penetrate deep into your pores and work
  13. I was actually thinking it may be due to something in my routine hmm.. it's so annoying that some skin care products are just really not that good for our skin when they are meant to do the complete opposite i will have a look at some of the ingredients in the products i use and research a bit more and find out if they are clogging up my pores thanks for the reply!