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  1. yes i talked to a dermatologist about this and she said if your pop your pimples(which i do cause i hate the white heads) your pushing the bacteria deeper into your skin, thats why they keep re appearing. Argh i really have to control myself...
  2. hey! cheer up theres something for everyone, as what the person above me said go see a doctor, and see what he says
  3. I think it does, i use to party a lot every weekend. I stated to concentrate more on school and not party much and my skin drastically improved.
  4. I have been using DKR for 2 years, I always get this one big pimple right beside my lip, and once it goes away it comes back again a week later this has been going on for almost a year! its so frustrating! I always pop it because its just so big and its so embarassing when i go to school or out in public. I started exfoiliating with baking soda and apple cidar vinegar 3 weeks ago and i do it once a week. Am i doing something or should i be doing something else? ANY HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED !
  5. if ur acne is mild it should be okay with one application but for those who have serious acne do it twice a day because if you dont u give a chance for the acne bacteria to grow
  6. I dont have acne anywhere else on my face except for ones that appear beside my lip, and its the kind that doesnt have a head its just really big, how do i get rid of it quickly and prevent it? The pimple would die and come back about 2 weeks later its been going on for almost a year now!
  7. I was on proactive for about 5 years, my mom use to work for the proactive owners quite awhile ago when they were still in the testing scene...so she got free samples all the time. I remember i started getting bad acne when i was 12 years old and yes it did work BUT after 4 months my skin would look absolutely horrible because it dried my skin sooo much. After all those years my skin has totally been abused. I came across Dan's products and i was in the same position as u...but i was willing
  8. I was talking to a friend of mine today and she told me people who use B.P in their teen years will have acne problems when there an adult. This is because the BP will gradually change the effects of hormones and later in our adult life, our body will be so use to BP that the natural hormones will still produce acne. Thats what she said and i don't know if its true I have been on Proactive B.P ever since i was 12 years old, now i am on DKR Regimen ever since May and it has truly been great!
  9. did u pop it with ure fingers? and when u applied the alchol did u push to hard? The main reason why it keeps reappearing is maybe because u pushed some of the acne bacteria deeper into your skin. This is why u should NEVER EVER pop it, next time let it run its course and the Bp u apply should dry it out!!!
  10. change ure pillow case, CLEAN YOUR CELLPHONE ( this made a huge difference for me)
  11. if it keeps appearing on the same spot, clean things that touch your face: cellphone, pillowcase and to treat them spot treat with benzyl peroxide works wonders!
  12. Well its that time of year...winter.... the weather is really drying my face, wondering i am on Dan's regimen the BP really drys my face should i moisturize at night?? Heard lots of people don't moisturize at night but i donno if i should. If i don't will i break out more?
  13. exactly what stp said... argh i really hate winter the cold wind really gets yo ure face YOU MUST MOISTURIZE!!!
  14. exactly, its prob your skin adjusting. I know its frustrating with the redness and dry skin but your skin is just getting use to it. It took me close to 4 1/2 months to adjust to it now its not so bad.