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  1. hey man, what kind of stomach issues did you have? I think I'm experiencing something similar
  2. Hello, so basically a couple of months ago I developed closed comedones on my forehead. I have tried every topical,exfloiater, natural remedies under the sun but none seemed to work, so I went to a dermatologist and he was quick to prescribe me a low dose of accutane as he said antibiotics are mostly only effective for inflammatory acne? I have yet to start the taking the pill but I just wanted to know if anyone has used antibotics for comedonal acne with success as I am very hesitant on jumping
  3. Hello, I had began to develop closed comedones on my forehead the past couple of months, hence I went to the GP and got prescribed epiduo in addition to that I began using AHA/BAH. After 1-2 month use I thought I saw improvement [bumps becoming more apparent with blackheads and heads?]? (judge for yourself from pics below and please tell me!). I decided to go to a dermatologist with the idea of getting these extracted and potentially getting another cream, but instead it was a very short trip wi
  4. What are these?!?!? I have been dealing with them for months. Are they closed comedones or folliculitis, and how do I get rid of them ? will these bumps be enough for me to get a appointment with a derm aswell?
  5. Thanks for the response! whats your next plan in action for these bumps? Ive had them for so long its actually me and stays in the back of my mind everyday
  6. How can I make sure it is bacterial or fungal ? (will only a dermatologist be able to diagnose this?) I have assumed that aswell but they are not itchy nor red so not 100% sure :(, I have bought nizoral 2% and have been applying that twice a day for 4 days now, however I have seen no progress (people usually see progress almost instantly?) I am going to continue this for a month and see what happens
  7. thank you I will do that! do you have any clue as what these bumps are?
  8. A few months ago, I had began to develop these bumps on my forehead which seem to be mostly colourless and very stubborn :(. I have used multiple topical creams, exfoliators etc which has actually made my skin worse (making me breaking out on the cheeks). I went to my GP a week ago he just looked at my face for a second once and said its just "ance pimples" and gave a topical cream. Could these be a fungal yeast infection or is it ance? They have appeared as a cluster on my forehead. My diet is