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  1. Day 30

    It's been 30 days to date now. I have been out of town for the past few weeks. My face still breaks out, but nothing like before. Very sensitive skin, and my night vision driving is horrible. I try not to drive at night!! other than that, no more bloody noses, my vaporizer has helped.

    My blemishes have subsided a ton, and I have to only wear a little make up, unlike before where it was more.

    I still smoke weed every night or every other night. Just started school this week. I still haven't gone back to my ex who emotionally abused me, so I feel a sense of accomplishment in many ways.

    Unfortunately my father might be laid off yet again, stupid economy! so I might just lose my benefits anytime soon, this blows. my doctor said to call around for the cheapest prescription. Blah.. :( sniffle. I hate life and I love it right now.

    Never either or, I guess that's what makes life , life!

    I'll post new photos!

  2. hey regulas.

    keep your head high. what won't kill you will make you stronger.

    Chin up! :P Nice songs.

    any how, I feel you on not wanting to start school.

    I'm going away for 10 days starting Saturday, so southern cali and back up through arizona, long road trip, im hoping my face stays CLEAN AND CLEAR, i'll hope. you are around the same as me in time for being on accutane.

    keep it up with me :) hang in there.

  3. Hi i am 25 and have acne since 16, have always had oily skin on my face only, at times if i don't wash my face for several hours the sebum oil builds up so bad it looks like i put my face in crisco and this is what i assume is causingg my acne. My genes just cause my face to produce too much sebum. I have been on anti-biotics twice did very little for me. Personally i find using proactiv and eating high amounts of Flax meal and staying away from dairy unless it is organic help the acne but i still get pimples and sometimes cysts which are the worst to go away and i get scars because my skin naturally heals slow, if i get a bruise on my legs its there for weeks. I smoke weed about 1 - 2 grams a day but started that at 19 when i already had acne. I am tired of this and at 25 i want to have clear skin like everyone else i see when i go out. I don't want to end my 20's and look back and see i was a recluse because of my acne. The problem is i don't have health insurance so i was wondering how much does a 30 day script of 40 mg a day accutane cost? Generic cost? Also debating on trying to order online from canada or from europe i do understand that this is illegal but so is marijuana. Which is a worse crime?
  4. Day 16

    So no new pimples, I had a few pop up but they shrunk down instantly, which is awesome. This IB isn't that bad it seems so far, hopefully it stays that way.

    I've noticed my skin is smoother, and I'm already seeing results, it's great.

    I bought a vaporizer for my dry skin and constant bloody noses, my mom thought it'd be a good idea.

    Unfortunately, my dad might get laid off again for the third time in 4 years, the airline industry just blows, which then means no more health insurance and no more accutane. I hope this isn't the case pray for me!! :(

    Life sucks, if its not one thing its the next in my life. I swear. I have some good things going on, but there's always something that pops up. Eh...!!


    Yesterday wasnt so bad, but i did have a few active spots on my right check that really stood out. Apart from that nothing too bad. I dunno if this stuff is messing with my mind or not but i kinda had some mood swings, well my mum said she thinks its down to accuntane but who knows. I have other family problems at the moment which is probably causing it.

    Today though isnt so bad. The few spots have reduced size, to hardly nothing. I had a couple of small whiteheads but they are now gone and i would say pretty much clear besides red marks. So different to the same day last week when I had my worst breakout in years!

    Have had a couple of nights of hard drinking, this will probably be my last drinking session for a while though.

    Happy new years all.

  6. Your face is looking better.

    And your dreams with asians, sound similar to mine. I dreamed I was like this hamster crawling in this space of like tunnels for hamsters, and I came into a room with a bunch of asian school children, like the ones on sailormoon. hahahaha.....

    but anywho, your face looks a lot less oily, and clearer! that's great........ I read your logs, and I don't know, i sort of feel your pain with the whole depression thing, it's tiring, and weary on your self, sometimes you just have to let go and relax, and accept things for what they are, and just be who you are, and not change for anyone. things are the way they are im slowly coming to find. ehhh, just keep your head up with me!

  7. psychedelic mess-

    I don't drink much I mainly just smoke, used to drink a lot more last year when I wasn't living with my parents, now that I'm back home out in the boonies with nothing to do, i just smoke at night, relaxing. School is stressful as hell.

    Yeah nasty break up, just want to wipe my hands clean, anew.

    When do you start?

    Im a true believer that a boost in emotion positively, really correlates and effects your acne, I've seen it happen in the span of 2 weeks prior to accutane, the high hopes and great feelings of knowing theres an answer really did something to my acne, along with leaving an emotionally abusive relationship.

    its grrrreat!!! keep in touch :) love-


  8. hey girl! your progress looks really good! im on day 10 of my accutane treatment and i've never felt better! i decided before i started the treatment that i was going to ONLY think positively about how this drug is going to affect my skin and so far thats exactly whats happened!! i really think you should do the same. start focusing on all the positives and STOP harping on the negatives, it will only exacerbate them!

    btw, congrats on getting out of that relationship! screw that dude, you are worth so much more no matter what he made you believe! i was in a HORRIBLE relationship for 5 years that i got out of a year ago and my life has been soooo much better! holllla! as far as weed goes... that could be whats causing your weird dreams girl! trust me, i love toking up, but some times i have to take a months break from it to give my mind a rest. do you think that marijuana affects you after you've come down from being high? i def think so...drug test results prove it stays in your system for a while so it def affects you longer than just being high. for me, it affects the way i think, my emotions, my dreams, plus much more, even my acne!! by reading about your situation, i think it might be a good idea for you to take a little break from the ganga. i hope you didn't take all that the wrong way, i'm just tryin to help!

    anyway, good luck with the rest of your treatment!! seriously, you gotta start ignoring all those negative things and starting being more positive. i guarantee you if you try it for a week you'll feel much better!

  9. I had a dream last night that me and my roommate went to a Metallica concert at my school's arena, but when we got there, the band wasn't actually playing any songs; what they were doing was holding a Metallica trivia contest, which I dominated and won the drummer's wife as a prize.

    Day 13-14

    Christmas sucks. All my family does is fight and argue. I hate them.

    The quote of the year from my dad "Its not worth getting so upset over a bunch of little bumps on your face, mine stopped when I was 25!"

    Acne does look a little better and I think my IB has stopped. My back, ribs and joints ache quite a bit, my muscles also hurt a little, and im getting frequent headaches.

    I had a dream I was like living in a hamster cage with tunnels to crawl places, and one room I crawled into, was filled with asian school children yelling at me in chinese. LOL. I think I'm on the same level with you, with the dreams HAHA.

    Hey im sorry your christmas sucked :( Mine was bad too. I'm sure your dad cares about you, he probably just wants to see you happy, thats not the best way of hoping you are happy /=. My mom thought i was doing crack, because my acne is so bad. Kind of hurt knowing she felt that way, anywho, I hope your week goes better than it did on christmas. Life goes on, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

    Post some new photos!


    After santas present arrived on my face yesterday, things were not so good this morning.

    The cyst like thing was huge. It had a head to it, i tried popping but only a bit come out. A few spots on the left side where calming down a little. The right side isnt so bad, although still a few small ones.

    Compared to the photo last week there is a huge difference. My mum even told me its the worst its been in ages! At least she is honest.

    I was gonna hide away in the house but i thought sod it and went to see some friends, and im glad I did. I really should mention im on the drug just incase they are wondering why its getting bad.

    After dinner today I stuck an ice cube on the cyst and a bit of tea tree oil - by the time i got home tonight the size has dropped considerably! Im hoping tommorrow it will have gone done even more.

    Really hoping this was my IB..

    Pics! (you can see the cyst on my left cheek, just under jawline)

    Left Side

    Right Side

  11. Thank you wynne. I have learned a lot, I'm just glad I'm not wasting another day of my life with someone, that probably most women end up spending years and years with till they realize it.

    I'm young, 20, and you are right...just learn from it. I hope I will now.

    Red Squirrel-

    Thanks for the warning, now I'm nervous! Noooo! /= I'll see. I'm all nervous because I'm going to san diego for a few days possibly, and my face is at its best since probably almost 2 years or even 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'd say 3.

    Man this is so crazy realizing that. I want to cry! haha!!

  12. Day 11

    Today, no new pimples so far, nothing, which is awesome. But I'm sure I'll break out soon. It's too good to be true.

    Pimples on my face from this past week, are going down. My body aches. And everyday for the whole week I've had a bloody nose.

    My body aches, and my mom doesn't want me on this medication. Ha!

  13. Day 10

    Cons: Just semi-chapped lips (60 total mg day)

    Some hair is falling out, I'm a tad snappy, maybe its due to my period HA!, vision problems at night, I almost drove off the side of the road!

    Pros: Less blemishes, no new cysts in a whole MONTH!,

    I've seen a drastic difference in my redness, and I do not get any cysts, only pimples now.

    I truly believe in eliminating your stresses has a direct relation with your acne.

    After leaving someone after 3 years of miserableness, I now am happier, and have less acne prior to accutane, now with the hopes of an answer for my acne, I also believe it's almost worked like a placebo, in that now I feel content knowing I'll be okay.

    I believe it's virtually affected my hormones, in that I'm not as stressed.

    It's a great feeling knowing something that bothers you so self consciously will soon be gone!!!! As I know many will agree. Here are some recent photos!! from the past 4 days.



  14. Day 9

    The past few days I've woken up with a bloody nose, not a bad one, just dried up blood and crud in my nose! ewww!

    I've had a few huge pimples pop up in weird spots, but the healing time is less, and I bought polyporin to put on them, and it seems to be working well on the pimples!! thank you for suggesting that fiber, I believe?

    Any how, I'm seeing a big difference in my blemishes, and cysts, I haven't had any cysts come up at all, and the other ones either are gone away, or are just marks waiting to go away. so it's great. It's weird right before I started accutane I was so excited, and relieved, maybe thats what made my acne go away prior to accutane greatly. It wasn't fully gone, but I hadn't seen my face that clear in like a year, so now that I'm on accutane, I hope to rid it for good. But I remember all the times my face started to clear then bam a week later cysts, and luckily I haven't had any, it's great.

    I'm so exciteeeeeeeeeed........!

  15. Honeybee-

    Wow, I got strange dreams too the first few days and through out the whole week, I'm on day 9, and not much has differed, besides a few bloody noses, and less blemishes, with a few extra huge painful pimples. I feel its working already, but I'm sure theres more pimples to come.

    Yeah...just take care of myself, he was a jerk anyways, and only guilt tripped me thats why I'm feeling like everything is my fault when it's actually his. You are right, it is a worth issue, and time will make pain go away, I got my whole life ahead of me.

    I'm not sure if smoking heightens what I believe I might have *depression, I haven't gone to the doctor for it, I don't want any pills for it, because I know I can be happy, I just have to eliminate my stresses and problems, I don't want medication for it even though I probably should, and weed you are right might open up more doors then needed...but it helps me at times, so I'm not too sure, I know when I'm content with my life I'll probably stop!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, how far along are you?

  16. I don't believe smoking weed has affected anything really. I have anxiety issues, and am going through a bad breakup, and its for the best I break things off with my ex, so my anxiety should slowly go away, I'm sure because he was the cause of it.

    But I don't believe weed really gets in the way of accutane, I haven't noticed anything different at all. Last night I nearly crashed, since I had accutane, benedryl, some alochol, and weed in my system. I just got done with finals this week, and just hung out with friends for once, and payed pictionary, and smoked. So really I don't "party" hard or anything, and I doubt weed will hurt you while on accutane!

    Do you smoke?



    Thank you for your insightful post. With popping pimples I will need to cut down on that, I have.

    Is it okay to use benzol peroxide 2.5% while on accutane???

    Polysporin cream, where can I get that?

  17. Day 8

    Today is the 8th day, and I have had about 3 pimples pop up in the past few days.

    To make this short and simple, nothing big has changed, my face is less oily at times, some blemishes have subsided, but overall my face looks like shit still.

    So, I'll keep crossing my fingers, and hopefully these "IB" breakouts don't get any worse.

    I have had allergies, and prior to taking this medication I would break out in itches and welts, and this medication seems to bring it out more. Last night I spent 30 min scratching myself till my friend forced me to take benedryl, I skipped out on my dosage last night because I had alcohol, and I heard it fucks you up if you do it with both, I don't drink at all, and I only had a glass of wine, so I don't know, I just wanted to play it safe. Plus I was high, so I'm sure, weed, benedryl, accutane, and alochol make you fucked up. Because driving home I nearly crashed from just being drowsy, and not sleepy. - Not safe.


    Anyways, things are better it seems at times other times it doesn't seem that way, but over all I know in the end things will be better after I'm done with this medication.

    My mom is one of those herb freaks, where theres a herb for a cure for anything. And so growing up she never took me to the dermatologist because "it didn't matter" "they don't help your acne" and I've slowly come to learn on my own, that there is hope..

    So besides the fact my mom disagrees with my medication she can't do anything about it, I'm 20 and pay my own bills. So any how, hopefully everyones christmas goes smooth.

    I hope these pimples go down, one on my forehead is hurting like hell!!!!! AHHH

    I'll up date photos tomorrow most likely.


  18. Day 6

    Tonight I'm really feeling the heat! My lips feel super chapped. Less blemishes ALREADY. I don't know if eliminating something really bad for me, that gave me tons of stress was a good or bad thing. Day by day I realize my strength, and I realize more often than not I'm not crying in a corner or worried what I say is wrong to say. I don't know if removing a manipulative, and narcissistic human from my life has benefited bumps on my face. but I can honestly and openly say to anyone wanting to try this medication, or finding the wrong problems in your life then so be it, because something is working I'm just not sure which one. I'll have to most more photos, I wish though that I had some from right before I stated accutane. My face was so bad. Now that I do not talk to him I realize I've got a brighter future ahead.

    My lips are dry.

    Facial oil has decreased dramatically.

    My hair feels weird. I've always had a scalp problem, (another thing I'm self conscience about) I have like bumps and it itches a ton.

    I think most of my issues are due to stress.

    With the combination of accutane (for the acne I've always had prior to stress), and now with the combo of taking this medicine, and reducing the amount of issues in my life, I believe I'll be clear in no time. I'm so excited. I feel like I have a new life!!! :P

  19. Day 5

    Today nothing different. I had a rash problem prior to this medication, but it seems to be bringing it out more. Every night I moisturize but I find myself in bed, scratching till I have welts, it's very irritable. Problem I've always had lately though. So who knows I can deal with it, I guess.

    Nothing different, I still have a few normal pimples popping up in odd areas. I use aveeno face wash, and philosophy moisturizer. Lips are chapped and that's about it.

    I still have my crying spells, not sure if its the medication, or side effects of an emotionally abusive relationship, any how, as time progresses I hope things get better.