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  1. Day 30 It's been 30 days to date now. I have been out of town for the past few weeks. My face still breaks out, but nothing like before. Very sensitive skin, and my night vision driving is horrible. I try not to drive at night!! other than that, no more bloody noses, my vaporizer has helped. My blemishes have subsided a ton, and I have to only wear a little make up, unlike before where it was more. I still smoke weed every night or every other night. Just started school this week. I still have
  2. hey regulas. keep your head high. what won't kill you will make you stronger. Chin up! Nice songs. any how, I feel you on not wanting to start school. I'm going away for 10 days starting Saturday, so southern cali and back up through arizona, long road trip, im hoping my face stays CLEAN AND CLEAR, i'll hope. you are around the same as me in time for being on accutane. keep it up with me hang in there.
  3. Here's some new photos: (nothing different from yesterdays post, just the pimple on my cheek that hurts, nothing anywhere else)
  4. Daily, and or Weekly photos.
  5. Day 16 So no new pimples, I had a few pop up but they shrunk down instantly, which is awesome. This IB isn't that bad it seems so far, hopefully it stays that way. I've noticed my skin is smoother, and I'm already seeing results, it's great. I bought a vaporizer for my dry skin and constant bloody noses, my mom thought it'd be a good idea. Unfortunately, my dad might get laid off again for the third time in 4 years, the airline industry just blows, which then means no more health insurance a
  6. Your face is looking better. And your dreams with asians, sound similar to mine. I dreamed I was like this hamster crawling in this space of like tunnels for hamsters, and I came into a room with a bunch of asian school children, like the ones on sailormoon. hahahaha..... but anywho, your face looks a lot less oily, and clearer! that's great........ I read your logs, and I don't know, i sort of feel your pain with the whole depression thing, it's tiring, and weary on your self, sometimes you
  7. psychedelic mess- I don't drink much I mainly just smoke, used to drink a lot more last year when I wasn't living with my parents, now that I'm back home out in the boonies with nothing to do, i just smoke at night, relaxing. School is stressful as hell. Yeah nasty break up, just want to wipe my hands clean, anew. When do you start? Im a true believer that a boost in emotion positively, really correlates and effects your acne, I've seen it happen in the span of 2 weeks prior to accutane, t
  8. Day 13 Nothing new. Realizing now that my cysts and pimples are going away, I have scars, and blemishes, eh. Lots of spots everywhere, I hope those go away too. Last night my body ached a ton. No more bloody noses. Face is feeling super tight. New photos:
  9. I had a dream I was like living in a hamster cage with tunnels to crawl places, and one room I crawled into, was filled with asian school children yelling at me in chinese. LOL. I think I'm on the same level with you, with the dreams HAHA. Hey im sorry your christmas sucked :( Mine was bad too. I'm sure your dad cares about you, he probably just wants to see you happy, thats not the best way of hoping you are happy /=. My mom thought i was doing crack, because my acne is so bad. Kind of hurt k