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  1. Anyone using organic shampoos? Currently I'm using Kiss My Face shampoo. Smells good and doesn't have SLS which is known for causing hair loss. Currently my hair is cut very short and I apply Rogaine to it daily. I'll update you guys if I see any improvement
  2. Let me get this straight you didn't have acne problems but took Accutane just to get rid of oily skin? You know having oily skin isn't a bad thing. Actually protect the skin and keeps it elastic, hence you don't have wrinkles.
  3. Okay I'm looking for a good brand of omega 3 fish oil to buy. ? Any suggestions? Also I'm looking for pure fish oil not the ones that have vitamin A and other vitamins added. Thanks
  4. Good choice, I wish I had the luxury of knowing tane could cause hair loss. If I could do it over I wouldn't even touch tane.
  5. Lamarr, Are you applying emu, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and lavender oil ? at the same time or do you use them on different days?
  6. Jessie, I've just started to use emu oil as well. After I shower I notice my hair looking little bit thicker =) I think its because the oil is absorbs by the hair making it thicker and looking healthier.
  7. How long have you been taking the vitamin e to see the results? Are you noticing any side effects?
  8. Is your steroid bottle make it easier to apply? I'm thinking about buying those droppers thing like this. [Edited link out]
  9. Lamarr, This is so true. Going bald in your 20s is really really hard to deal with I just started using Emu Oil and was wondering how often do you apply this to your head? Its a real pain to wash out. Even with one wash my hair still have a slight smell of the Emu oil.
  10. REW12345, My shedding has stopped dramatically after about 2 years. I'm 4 months from my 3 year mark and my hair is still a mess. Even thought my shedding is very low now my hair doesn't seem to be growing back and is still thin. I'm hoping to see significant regrowth during 2009. By then if I don't see improvements then
  11. Right now I'm just using Baby shampoo. Its actually working pretty good for me. The only thing I'm worried about is that I don't have a conditioner. But I'm planning to switch from aloe vera to Emu oil to moisturize my scalp which will work sorta like a conditioner. Aloe vera is working for me but I noticed white flakes that comes from the aloe and I would have to wash my hair 2-3 times for them to actually come out.
  12. Lamarr, Is that your gf? Looking good man What would you say is helping you the most out of the laser, steroid and oils.
  13. Dude you got lots of hair. I think its safe to say you fully recovered. I'm almost 3 years now and still no signs of recovery.
  14. Nizoral is a great shampoo. I got a bottle couple of months ago and it worked fine. I stop using it because I think its too harsh for my scalp. But yes it does stop the itching and dandruff. Seems like us three are the only people posting on this thread =(
  15. Hi Pity26, I don't use Aloe vera in its shampoo form. I buy the Aloe vera that they sale at the store (fresh). I think mines was like $1.50 You can do this once a week or twice a week. Peel the skin off and put it in a blender until it becomes liquidity. Then just apply it to your head and leave it there for 1hr. Then just wash off your head. Its good too apply the aloe vera when you have a clean scalp so it can better absorps the nutrients.