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  1. by working out you damage your muscles and that can cause a rise in your liver enzymes. happened to me and i had to go off of accutane for awhile. i wouldnt say dont work out, but dont try for major gains. try to keep what you have by working out moderately. if you dont work out you will lose some strength but strength lost is EASILY gained back. just a little fact: 4 weeks of muscle inactivity will decrease strength by 17%. so work out just take it easy and dont spend 4 hours like some
  2. i was on sotret but my doctor told me if i could to switch over to amnesteem. sotret worked but my doc said amnesteem has been shown in some studies to work better. dont know if its true but i know that i am getting a lot better since switching... dont knwo if it was just that time or the switch or a combo good luck
  3. take a tall glass of prickly pear juice 5 hours before you go out. i know drinking on accutane is not recommended, but going out a couple times is not bad. i noticed the hangovers got a little worse. so i figured id let you guys in on a little tip. you can get it at any health food store
  4. i have no personal experience but i have been prescribed ziana before. i wouldnt wait until you get a pimple to put it on. its like retin-a only with less tretinoin and some antibiotic. i never found it harsh on my skin and when i used it when i was completely clear it only made my skin look better. i use retin-a now while im on accutane for a couple spots and i have had no reaction to it. on the other question..... i have no idea i dont go tanning
  5. im on 80 mg a day and i use retin-a three times a week...MWF for a certain spot on my face thats stubborn. and it works wonders.... that spot is just a little bit drier than the rest of my face but i wouldnt worry to much about messing up your skin with a little retin-a every once in a while. just be sure to moisturize well on the nights you dont use it. and if it becomes too dry or irritating then just stop using it... but i dont think that by using it it will tear up your skin.... my derm ev
  6. well i have a sports hernia and they can do laparoscopic surgery for it. and i heard the reason to not have surgery is because of the scarring, but with the laparoscopic surgery its like a few cm wide hole. is there any other complications with have surgery on tane other than the scarring?
  7. does anyone know if having laparoscopic surgery while on tane is bad?
  8. so i have been drinking on accutane.... after all i am 21 and im only 21 once. I have been watching myself when drinking though. I don't go out and get absolutely hammered. i have gotten bad a couple times but no where near blackout drunk. most weekends ill have 5-6 beers on friday and saturday and nothing during the week. except thanksgiving where i had a few drinks with the family. i drank during the first month but it was only like once a week and the blood test came back perfect. im kin
  9. DONE WITH MONTH 1 so im done with the first month and it has had its ups and downs. i wouldnt say im happy with the way i look. i feel pretty disgusting actually, BUT i am happy with the way things are starting to go. i have my doctors appt next monday and i really dont want them to tell me my blood tests came back bad and i have to off of it. that would suck. any ways heres the pictures from this week. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1927867909/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/17271
  10. thanks tony and fuzion....... i just got back from TMS where i was all weekend.... no showers...... and things actually look better in most areas but i do have a spot where it looks like its gonna break out bad.... hopefully not. o yeah jimmie johnson sucks
  11. Done with Week 3 ok so im done with week three and it has definitely been hell so far. im hoping things will start clearing up now. i just wanna see what things will look like at the end of the course to keep me motivated. side effects: back pain dry lips/skin scratches on my arm - starting to fade heres some pictures of my progress so far. encouragement welcome week 0: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1821274207/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/1821342391/ http://
  12. hey man im on accutane also and im using the cetaphil moisturizing cream at night. it helps a lot with my dryness during the day. it says its non-comodeginic or however u spell it so its not supposed to clog pores. although i am going through a break out right now (on day 23). but thats normal as far as i know. good luck
  13. so i have been thinking about the serious "side-effect" of accutane. i dont really understand it. acne is depressing. i was depressed when i broke out, and i am everytime i see my ex bc we broke up right before i broke out. but thats acne. im have the IB right now from accutane and thats depressing, but its still just acne. so my question is this: is it because people who are on accutane get depressed bc they dont see things going there way when theyre on it? it is the last resort and they
  14. haha well that answers the vitamin e question pretty well. thanks a lot man. i think ill just have a couple one night this weekend.... like 3. i dont think that will affect me. thanks for the response
  15. so im going camping this weekend out at the race track. This means no showers, no running water. so i have couple of questions that im not sure about while being accutane. 1. Should I and if i should how should i wash my face? 2. I have heard tha drinking on accutane is not a good idea, but what would getting hammered one night while out there do to me? what would it do to my blood test that im going to have next week? and the random question i have heard a lot of people talk about taking