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  1. I’m currently using differin in the morning but I’ve heard it’s more effective at night. Would it be okay to use a face wash with sulphur in it while i use differin-gel? I use the Roden and fields acne treatment sulphur wash at night. So in the morning I would use witch hazel to tone, then Dermalogica daily resurfacer with salicylic acid, and follow up with farmacy honey drop moisturizer. At night would use the Roden and fields sulphur wash, witch hazel to tone, then differin, and lastly the ho
  2. I literally do everything I can possibly do for my skin but I still break out and it makes me want to cry. My acne is mild, but of course I would rather it not be there. In the morning I wash my face with water and moisturize. If my face looks oily during the way I’ll repeat. At night I exfoliate a couple times a week, then i use a dermalogica daily resurfacer pad that’s supposed to clear skin. I use the Roden and fields unblemish acne kit, and finally I use differin gel, what a dermatologist re
  3. The pimples I usually get aren’t the big Whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, nodules or any of the typical acne. I get different-sized bumps with no head around my cheeks. They don’t look bad, but I feel them every time I rub my face. They don’t away unless I pop them. They’re not cysts because they’re not red and relatively easy to pop. But when I do pop it, it immediately flattens our if I got all the pus out, and turns red for a few days. After that it’s gone. What are these kinds of pimples? How
  4. So I got a chemical peel 3 days ago. The first 2 days my face was just red and I peeled a bit at my mouth. I could easily cover it with makeup. But this morning makeup just made my skin look worse because it had already started to peel. I was told specifically not to peel and pick at my skin but my dumb ass did anyway because I had to go to school. I peeled it in just a few spots and I’m still red in those places. I’m scared to death I’m gonna scar or my skin is gonna hyper pigmentate. Also, I’v
  5. So one of those underground cysts showed up today. I rarley get these so I figured it was just a Whitehead that hadn’t emerged yet. Well I tried a warm compress, then used 2 q tips and squeezed the hell out of it. A tiny bit of blood came out and I stopped. Then my dumb self was convinced that I saw a head and squeezed again. Nothing came out. Just extreme pain. Now it looks red. I know I effed up big time. What should I do now to attempt to heal this bitch?
  6. So last night I noticed an under the skin bump, Idk why but I decided to squeeze it and a little bit of puss came out. This morning the bump was still there, just a tiny bit less swollen. I applied a heat compress onto the pimple and managed to get LOTS of gunk out. This pimple was never sore to the touch or else I NEVER would have attempted popping it. I’ve iced it but there’s still a small bump under the skin...does this mean there’s more? or is it just swelling that will go down? What should