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  1. my thanks goes to those who helpd me. i'm sorry i wasn't much help to anyone. now it's time to og. farewell friends and good riddance.
  2. to be brutally honest, i cut myself everyday. other than that, music, cigarettes and alcohol...
  3. did your shallow scarring improve when you got off of tane?
  4. sorry, i meant to post this in the prescription acne meds forum.
  5. will it improve or fill in once i get off of accutane? at least to some degree?
  6. i really really appreciate it you guys. thank-you.
  7. i did not type this to prove a point but merely to ease the hatred i have for myself. it doesn't matter what you say to convince me otherwise, for acne has definitely, without a doubt in my mind, murdered my life. like someone told me, "everything is relative to one's experience". that is such a true statement. it doesn't matter how i look at it and who i compare myself to, i'm completely destroyed emotionally and physically. i don't like the way i'm perceived now - like i'm a completely diffe
  8. yup...i can only hope it. injections are only temporary for me because the spot will just swell up again in a matter of days.
  9. it use to be. now it's all spread out across my face and neck.
  10. That's better! When I was a kid, I went through this sort of defeated phase. Not like "Oh she'll grow out of it" phase, like the terrible 2's, but a period where I didn't think things would get any better. I just didn't see it happening. In fact, I went through this from preschool to Freshmen year of high school. Unlike you, I only had the crappy part in my history. I wonder how different it would be if I did have that, but from the looks of it, we got the same result. I pulled mysel
  11. it's up and down...and by up and down, i mean up in the clouds and down in the pits. true. i've never heard of folliculitus.
  12. It's all about being "in state". Some nights you can go out and get blown out of each set of women you approach. But on other nights every set is responding positively. If you have that "little smile inside" (that good feeling) then women will see this, as this all sub-communicated through your body language about how you feel about yourself. You've set yourself a limiting belief, thats the reason why you're not succeeding. If you tell yourself "I don't succeed with women because of my a