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  1. jaybin.... i cant really tell from your pictures cause of the focus, and also im not a dermatologist, but i would recommend trying the jojoba at night. use only lie 3-5 drops a night for a week. see if you like it... for those other replies, if i can remember, someone said that it is too oily, that it doesnt dry out at all... that you dont like the shinyness during the day. i completely agree. dont settle for one thing to get rid of something else. i put the jojoba on ONLY at night time, and b
  2. my regimen for those who do not want to read all this is: washing my face ONCE EVERY OTHER at night with proactiv, and with cetaphil the nights in between. I use 5 drop of JOJOBA OIL every night and it is a miracle if you read on. I also take zinc, calcium and fish oil vitamins and try to work out everyday. keep my pillow cases clean and get enough sleep. avoid being stressed, try to find the positives in life, even though your skin might be getting you down.... read on if you have given up hope
  3. I am torn between shaving or not shaving because when I do shave my skin shows spots, not extremely bad but definitely noticable, but they go away after a day or so when the stubble starts to grow back in. then the cycle starts all over again. pimples- shave- spots- pimples clear- stubble- pimples. WHen I dont shave it obviosuly hides my spots, but i feel like my face is more oily (probably from the hair). I dont think my acne gets worse when i dont shave but Im afraid it will lead to scarring o
  4. I know this is a little late but I took mino for about 2 weeks in september, and it was the worst medicine ive ever taken. I dont have extremely bad acne, but I wanted to get rid of it all together so my retarded derm told me to take this. he never told me of the side efects (feeling stupid and dizzy, and an extremely sensitive face). I got pimples on areas of my face where i never did before. I heard that antibiotics can do that, they push all the bacteria out, but my derm said thats not true.