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  1. Worst decision of my life

    I took Amnesteem for two weeks and it completely destroyed my eyes by giving me tons of vitreous floaters. Eye floaters are permanent and there is no safe surgical procedure to get rid of them. It also gave me tinnitus (constant ringing in my ears). So I basically just ruined my life AND I still have acne.
  2. I have been using Epiduo for about a year straight, every single night. I recently stopped after I noticed the texture of my skin changing - areas around small breakouts began to become indented rolling scars. After a few days of not using epiduo, the scars seem to be improving (not as deep anymore). Is this common with benzoyl peroxide? Or the other retinoid ingredient?
  3. I'm in the same boat. My advice is just to stay with the regimen you're on right now, because oily skin is an acceptable trade off for having no blemishes. I recently tried to quit epiduo because adapalene (retinoid) makes me super oily, but I started breakout out horribly again.
  4. Elevated Free testosterone increases sebum production and is exacerbated by insulin. The endocrine system attempts to maintain balance among the various hormones. When a particular hormone increases or decreases it can cause an imbalance of several other hormones. Generally Estrogen neutralizes testosterone Progesterone neutralizes estrogen Cortisol neutralizes DHEA Progesterone can amplify the effects of testosterone. In females, the primary source of free testosterone is DHEA It
  5. I've been taking D3 for years and my blood levels are at 90 ng/ml. Still have acne and extremely oily skin. It doesn't help.
  6. What brand of vitamin A did you use? I'm wondering what kind of vitamin A to use too. I'm going to try to do this as a last resort, I was prescribed accutane, but my insurance won't pay for it. I went through prior authorization process, and appeals, but express scripts are just complete scum bags. So I'm going to pick some up this week, but is there a certain kind I have to get? I don't remember what brand, I think it was NOW brand. I wouldn't reccommend trying it. I started using Epiduo in
  7. Did you try lowering the dosage? And when you were at 50,000/day you said it worked perfectly. Like no need to blot your skin at all? I didn't blot my skin. I tried lowering, but my eyes were extremely dry as well. I feel like it has done some permanent damage to my bones, because they pop alot now. I would not reccomend this to anybody.
  8. I cycle back and forth between Tsal shampoo and nizoral shampoo to control my scalp acne.
  9. Yeah, I tried megadosing vitamin A as well. It worked perfectly, until I got unbelievable headaches and terrible joint pain in my knees.
  10. So I just tried Elixa. Gave me the worst breakout I've had all year. Personally I think it's strange for a product to claim "The #1 probiotic in the world" and yet hasn't moved past selling on eBay. I'm so tired of wasting all of my money on an endless stream of useless products. In this case, it actually made everything worse. Especially after reading Listener's posts - I can't find any research that claims gut flora has anything to do with regulating sebum production (oily skin here). Thi
  11. Can you give us another update on this? This is super interesting to me. I've never seen a 3-day probiotic nuke program before. Are you seriously saying that it returned your sebum production to normal? That's a pretty large claim.
  12. please check your inbox

  13. I used to have exactly the same thing. Try Epiduo. Trust me. I've tried everything else - the entire spectrum of antibiotics and accutane as well. Epiduo has done an amazing job for me.
  14. I would suggest you listen to your body and trust your gut when you start taking it. I had pretty bad side effects only 6 days in, and had to stop. I'd hate to see other people go through what I did.