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  1. I suppose he would do only Infini + subcision (i think that would be ok for me) but not really sure if I am willing to even do that with doctor that uses this kind of methods. It is like I am not even confident anymore that it is a right move to see this doctor because of this video
  2. Hi, I am planning to do Infini treatment based on the previous advices on this forum. There is only one medical center in my country that has Infini. On the website of this medical center I was a video of acne scars treatment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4oar2iRf1M It seems that they combine several treatments - but this looks a bit too aggressive from my amateur perspective. What do you guys think?
  3. Is there any video example of this procedure? That could be even more helpful than just plain text explanation.
  4. Thanks! Will keep an eye on your topic on this forum. For now I planned myself a route to start (Infini + subcision) and will see how it goes from there.
  5. I see. Well, to be honest I observed them in more details now and on some scars you can "feel the edge" more and the edge seems "more robust". When you press your finger on some of them you can feel something like very small grain (chin edge on my right cheek) but this is not so dominant. That could be thickening? I mean, as you can see on the pictures, on some area I lost significant portions of skin so the elasticity is not as healthy part of the skin. It is very hard to determine what is scar
  6. Yes - thank you. I was also considering subcision considering the reviews and results online. Do you have an idea in which order and what should be an interval between subcision and infini. can it be done at the same day? I will talk also with my dr about this. Based on the reviews and scientific articles that I have read, there should be at least 6 weeks between Infini treatments. Do you think that Infini is even suitable for this type of (severe or not :D) scars and what can I expect? Infini i
  7. Hi, After reconsidering many options and finally solving acne problems (too many years ), I think I will start my journey regarding my acne scars. I am posting my latest pictures in this thread because I would like to use it as journal of my (hopefully ) progress. Also, cannot access my old account. I am aware that I have severe scarring and that I need to combine different methods through long period of time in order to gain any benefits. I am prepare to do it and will also post treatme