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  1. Erection is complex, many systems are in the game... many are permanently impotent, some are impotent at times, some just have it weaker. For instance, meibiomian gland can be completely destroyed by accutane- the damage can't be reversed. It is now widely known some effects are not reversible. Some issues may be fixable, but depends on the exact system failing. So you need to do tests.
  2. Sadly, these effects may be irreversible.... accutane does alter hormones, glands, but also receptors, and possibly immune system.
  3. No, but I can read and had to learn as my fight with this problem is very long- and accutane isn't mean to be taken microdosing long term. Qualified dermatologists have said people can't lose hair, yet many have- we have a full thread here. Do you know this is a chemo drug used to treat neuroblastoma? Do you understand how accutane works? Bring me a qualified dermatologist here- please- let him explain HOW accutane works. If you claim accutane is safe, or anyone does, then they need to exp
  4. Do you not understand the OP wants to micro dose long term? This is not min dose for eg 3 months, but to "maintain". He has done 2 courses, and now wants to take it long term. Please show me where in manual it says accutane is to be taken long term. Lastly, do you not think that given some places BANNED endlessly repeating doses, is for a reason?
  5. Have you read research that tane affects every gland, hormone, and kills meibiomian gland completely? It alters 6000 genes in just that one gland... Do you know we don't know how accutane works? It's a cancer/chemo drug. Permanently microdosing on cancer drug- we DON'T KNOW how works? Seems like a very good idea... surely must be as harmless as one beer a week.
  6. Hi, The issue with drinking is hydration and liver load. I did drink very moderately, initially had no problems, later a severe reaction to tane but that'r not drink related. I would keep minimum dose, minimum time- best not to take accutane at all. Many of us were initialyl happy, but now have a host of systemic issues, and some have all but lost hair. At 30+. acne is likely not strong and won't last long- you made it this far, maybe there is another way.
  7. Not to be negative, but I fear some accutane effects are potentially irreversible- especially those with autoimmune elements, and hair may have an autoimmune element. One guy has developed fibromyalgia, imagine, in 20s... lots of victims here, anything from gut to brain affected. I'd guess, if within a year or so after the body doesn't fix itself, you may be looking long term problem. I am certain none of us would have taken this if warned properly before.
  8. Could be months, but you are using tane even contra to what the manual states- that's extreme acne, for a fixed duration. This sounds like death wish to me, if you intend on taking this for years or whatever. I wouldn't take even one pill of this stuff for very mild acne.
  9. My muscles are crippled from this drug man(improving though). I took 40mg, still not a high dose. First mistake- why do they give this if acne is not severe?
  10. Tetra,doxy, mino and lymecycline- all are cyclines(there are more, these are most common). If allergic to mino, these may all be risky. Erithromycin and azythromicine are not. Also Trimethoprim. There are also others outside this group. It's hard to say what will work well, until one tries. Be careful for any symptoms whatever you take, perhaps also get tested for other allergies. Sometimes the tongue and throat swell, so people choke. You will win this acne war, just have to keep fi
  11. Really sorry to hear- cycline allergy is very rare, the biggest worry is any allergy doesn't affect breathing but should pass. You could have gone to ER, walk in doctor, and ask for steroids or something to ease swelling. You should not take any cycline again, be sure to mention this to new derm. See what they say... but from your story, options now are likely very limited. Do you have any other allergies?
  12. Imo, chances are slim. Almost every, and any, effect is now listed in the accutane "book". They will say, it can happen.
  13. Lots of problems linking to gut after this poison, but, as it affects almost anything, hard to knwo what to do... once accutane is done, you are on your own to search for solutions.
  14. While I think it's a very dangerous drug, it works miracles for some cancers, where death rate is cca 50%... and some other disorders. On the limit of it, this shouldn't be given for acne, or only very extreme cases. I think doctors, manual etc. need to be honest with risk of long term effects, and what tehse are- focus on thes emore than dry lips etc. Even if eg every effect is only 5pct likely, 200+ of them, risk is not small at all.
  15. Hi, I would advise to get off NOW. Spiro is a systemic, potentially very dangerous medication... it is used for heart failure, pressure etc. It kills testosterone, yes, but alters other stuff as well. If you don't feel well on it, juts get off.