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  1. Thank you so much LisaDawn. I appreciate your support. I totally screwed up. Crazy crazy life happened (I mean like crazy last couple of days where my whole world has been turned upside down) and I missed my appt on Tuesday. ugh. The derm's office was not happy and now can't see me until next Tuesday. So I have been with out Claravis since Sunday. All is fine. no breakouts or changesreally. But I know my dosage is going to be upped so I hope I don't get more dramatic side effects afte
  2. Day 29. I know I must have missed a day here or there. my next appt is on tuesday. I will run out of claravis Monday. Must get my blood test tomorrow too. I had my 7.3 miles race this morning. It was tough... I wasn't that prepared, but I finished at a respectable 10min mile pace. Even though I am feeling better overall about my skin, it was still tough to be out there with everyone who has perfect skin and no makeup on. I had no make up and a pony tail and was very self conscious. I wa
  3. Day 25. All is looking clearer and clearer. I have a big pimple on my neck/underneath chin area. Its awesome. No, its not, its gross. But otherwise, things are coming less and less and the ones that do, leave quickly. My neck area (farther down than the breakout area) is really dry. Today it had all these tiny rash like bumps on it (they are not red so you can't see them). I moisturized my neck, and immediately they seemed smoother. I wonder how its that I've missed moisturizing my neck a
  4. Day 23. Clearer and clearer everyday. My face is so red. so red. I made the huge mistake of being outside all day on saturday... it was crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky. I had sunscreen on, but only spf 15, and re-applied, mid day, but still my face is still got burned and my chest and my friggin' part. wtf? Anyway, got it...more sensitive in the sun. Otherwise, breakouts are not gone, but way less severe and not as clustered. Just got a bump on my jawline and neck area, yuck. al
  5. Hey there, Good decision. I did course of accutane in college and waited 7 years to take another one..... what I feel was a big mistake. Some of us just need more intense help. What would we do without accutane? all the best, lisie
  6. Holy crap... I'm so psyched for you! you look awesome and great job for staying in touch. Thanks for not forgetting about us!
  7. Yay us for not having too much of an IB. My flakiness has gone away, i think it was just dead skin that wasn't glued down by oil finally loosening up. And I totally hear you on waiting to take accutane. I too was scared to take it (again in my case), but after 2+ years of no improvement and now lower self esteem I am now not sure that it could have been that bad. Probably not. here's to clear skin.
  8. Day 19 My skin is looking clearer and less inflammed everyday. Finally the flaki-ness is gone. One thing about oily skin is that makeup just glides right on. Not so much with dry skin. No slip whatsoever. Still looking for a good foundation that doesn't look powdery or feel dry. Also, my face seems very pinkish/red. I guess its the "accutane glow." I don't remember this from the first course. I wish it wouldn't look this way. And, lastly I'm beat. I just feel sluggish and sore from thi
  9. Hey Melissa Welcome to accutane. I'll bet accutane works great for you. I'm on day 19... just a little ahead. I have really oily skin and breakouts on the jawline area too. So far I haven't really had any IB... so don't be so sure you'll have one either. The claravis kicked in right away in terms of stopping oil production and I'm on a lower dosage and weigh more. lol. Basically the way I undertand it, if you're oily, in some cases, your skin is sticky and skin cells that would shed themse
  10. thanks icyfox. ... I figured out how to do my avatar and now for some pictures of my face... still I need to get a camera to take some. I am down to two choices and will get one soon. i need one for work anyway, so I might as well. Anyway... day 16. all is dry and flakey. the few baddish breakouts that came up around day 12ish are clearing. I totally messed with them and made the biggest marks. I really must stop. My eyes are getting really dry. I have to put in TheraTears 3 times a day
  11. Hey lisadawn... don't worry the dry-ness is coming. I had the exact same start and I am only about 10 days ahead of you. my lips went through this weird not chapped, but dry weird feeling phase and now they are just hella chapped and peely. get the aquaphor ready. by day 6 i did have also the same around the nose peely-ness. switch your skincare to a dryand sensitive skin regimen soon. otherwise it sounds like you are going great.
  12. Yes hang in there. I am only a few days a head of you. I haven't had much initial breakout, but I am very surprised about the crazy dry-ness that set in already. dry lips and flakey-ness were pretty instant. I can already see a difference in terms of less large bumps that would normally have set in at this time of the month. So chin up... there will be a rainbow and a clear skin life at the end. my own advise so far: water, don't drink wine in large quanitites days in a row, aquaphor or ot
  13. Hey there, thanks for your nice comments. I hear you on the painful face. I've not had the painful chin, but if my bf would bump my cheek or jaw or something it would hurt. you'd think i had a massive bruise there or something. I will try to so something about pictures. Perhaps I will just go get my own camera and try to take pictures myself. I don't really want to see pictures but i think it will be good for a frame of reference. Any tips on dealing with flakeyness? I feel like I moistu
  14. That's great. I just passed day 15 and I'm waiting for the breakouts to really stop. and put my face up close to my bf or anyone for that matter. to go jogging and not worry about who I might see w/o makeup... so inspired by your progress. keep posting. most people disappear and it makes it harder for people farther back. :0) all the best, lisie
  15. Hey.. where've you been? I like reading your log. Hope all is going well for you. Upload pics soon. It gives us farther behind folks some hope. I finally started Claravis and I'm psyched.