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  1. Whatever water briefly trickles onto my face is all it gets. I'm sure I don't even have to use moisturizer. It doesn't seem to break me out though. I've used aveeno for years. I've been doing this for a week now and my skin has gotten better everyday. And I should have little breakouts everyday at least. Since I'm not using chemicals I can't see how this can wear off but who knows with my luck lol. I've been taking those vitamins for probably 6 months with consistent success...when I'm consisten
  2. I have pretty severe acne. I'm also the type of guy to experience bad acne from junk food and masturbation. What has helped immensely is mega dosing on Life extension multi vitamin powder, greens from Megafoods, acai powder, and raw coco nibs. Plus I take extra vitamins like optizinc vitamin B with SAMe super lipoic acid Chromium and probably a few others. Now this helped but I had to be consistent and it was kind of expensive. I'm also trying to gain weight (while hitting the gym) which is
  3. I stopped masturbating for about a month. Overall my complexion was healing up and looking better. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it plateaued and continued to get acne. A lot of of it on my neck and around my mouth and chin/jaw. It wasn't as severe as when masturbating a lot but still not good. I'm underweight. I'm very tall and skinny. So I drink weight gainers. I still had acne way before weight gainers so I never made any sort of connection. I did try to get the highest quality. Anyw
  4. Day 24 I have not even looked at porn in the last 2 days. It helps that I had long busy days at work and going to bed early. Definitely seems to help my skin not even looking at porn and getting aroused. Porn's addictive stranglehold on me is getting less and less. You guys need to understand it will get easier to not look at porn as time goes on. Every time you look at porn and masturbate your brain associates good feelings with porn. It then builds a whole addictive behavior around that. I'm
  5. I hit my 3 week mark. I have been aroused a lot but I have not orgasmed. I have had some wet dreams throughout but those don't have near the same level of consequences. So over all I am much clearer but because of arousal, probably diet, and perhaps wet dreams I still have a couple of spots but they aren't much. If I stopped looking at porn so much I would probably be clear. I know just looking starts to stir your hormones around, increases testosterone but at a lesser level. As time goes on it
  6. I think it might be possible to get pimples from being aroused but as long as you don't orgasm then they probably won't be big cysts.
  7. I'll join in. I haven't masturbated for 2 weeks. I've had some wet dreams but they don't seem to cause me much trouble. Would love to know the science behind the difference in nocturnal emissions and masturbation on a hormonal level. Why one causes severe acne and the other doesn't. Oh well maybe when medical industry gets their heads out of their ***'s we might have some detailed knowledge regarding this acne connection. For the past 5 days or so I've been getting horrible sleep. I've been try
  8. Damn I think I hit my 1 week mark yesterday because I had some major urges last night. That study that says you get a big testosterone spike after one week of this probably was what did it. I also had another wet dream. Again I'm seeing nothing acne related occurring after the last wet dream or the previous one. I'm now taking cinnamon pills after dinner along with my zinc pills. I'd rather have a sex life than a masturbation life. Granted I did see a smoking hot girl with a guy who had a consi
  9. Looks like the wet dream didn't really do much at all so far. Normally masturbation would be showing it's ugly face by now.
  10. That's the great unknown for me. I don't have a girlfriend. Only because of my acne and how it makes me self conscious. I've dated around and stuff but if I'm having a bad day or week with acne my life goes back to shit. I've only recently been completely free of my body acne which was severe. I think it was the zinc I'm taking. It still has hyper pigmentation markings but you can imagine how self conscious I would be without a shirt on when it was active. I have no idea if I'm the type where
  11. Denken, seems like a tough situation for you. I can certainly relate and understand where you are coming from. if you want to get out there and socialize without working my best advice (and how I met my best friends) is to look through the internet and find listings for home poker games in your area. I found a home game with a buy in of a measly $10 and found a great bunch of guys. I was mainly looking to learn the game better but came out of it with friends. If you don't know how to play you ca
  12. lol I might be able to one up you. I think it's certainly possible food is giving me acne but get this...I'm 6'5" and only after some major eating binges have I gotten up to a still stick figure weight of 184. I was at 170 for a LONG time and before that I was in the 150s and 160s before I ever did any eating binges. Thankfully ceasing my masturbating does clear me up a ton but if I listen to my body I feel like trying to gain weight doesn't do my complexion good.
  13. I have hormonal acne where if I masturbate I get acne overnight and for a few days after. If I masturbate a couple times in a day or over a couple days I'm screwed. If I lay off I'm clear as a supermodel. Much like the rest of you I have tested this many many times and kept my skin under constant observation through it all. Anyways it's very difficult to abstain. Right now I'm on day 4ish of abstaining and I'm clearing up and amazingly my urges have been very low comparatively speaking and I'm
  14. Masturbation definitely causes acne for me. I have acne on my chest, back, shoulders, neck, and face. So I have hormonal acne therefore ejaculation is major factor in my breakouts. I have abstained for 2 weeks in the past and it was looking real good, better than ever. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do that again. I will typically have a wet dream even as soon as a day or 2 of abstaining now. I've gotten to the point where I can tell if I'm going to have a wet dream so I will just do it m
  15. It doesn't make the make up any more noticeable? I just figured since I'm doing fine now that I wouldn't need something that accentuates the make up anymore. I guess I'm worried it wouldn't make me look natural because I've read it keeps the make up on top. Which I can understand being helpful for some. If it kept me looking natural I would certainly try it for it's other benefits.