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  1. I'm 25 y.o. Never had acne until I was 23...and severe cystic acne at that. Definitely won't be attending any high school or college reunions....LOL
  2. Heya Portlandboy, Noooooo.....hmmm, I don't know what to make of that. I had written my check out to Dr. Y - That's what his receptionist (Stephanie, I believe her name is) had instructed me to do. Anyone else? I mailed the check certified, too.
  3. Heya Ryan, Yes, the "dynamic duo" (LOL) has significantly improved my acne. I didn't mention it in my earlier post, because I guess the green tea can be perceived as sorta a "confounding variable." I was consuming it before the dandelion root tea, so I can't say with 100% certainty whether my progress can be attributed to the dandelion root tea. But, yes...I do believe it's played a role. HTH. Best wishes to you and your skin!
  4. Hey Nessy, After several months of drinking only water and green tea, I integrated dandelion root tea into my diet about 2 months ago. Keats is right! It is rather nasty stuff! Blech! I only drink one cup each night about a hour or two before retiring for bed. It serves as a good detox.
  5. You are looking fantastic already, Misty! When you're all healed up, you are gonna be one hot mamacita!...LOL. Well, you already were, but you'll look even more gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting your pics. I look forward to following your progress. Best wishes to you.
  6. I'll get right on that. Thanks. All of those months of me not having any acne twas only a sweet illusion. I'm just teasing with you. By the way, I'm well aware of tea leaves being available at the health foods market. I visit there every week. But, as they say, "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." I've done quite well with the tea bags thus far. To each his/her own. And, no, my face has not "dried up" from consuming more than 2 cups of tea per day. Everyone has different personal ex
  7. My severe, cystic (adult-onset) acne totally cleared up for about 3-4 consecutive months from drinking green tea. Granted, I do a myriad of other stuff for my skin, but none of it had made a truly significant difference until I integrated green tea into my diet, drinking approx 2-3 cups per day. Contrary to what anyone else may say, I purchase(d) and suggest Lipton's green tea bags from the local supermarket. I had become a bit lax over the summer and stopped drinking it, and my cystic acne r
  8. I am sticking out the storm here in New Orleans, as is the majority of folks whom I've spoken with. Both my mother and father were here for Hurricane Betsy back in the 1960s, and they were absolutely petrified during it - more so than at any other time in their lives (including subsequent hurricanes). I just hope everyone makes it through this well and safe. I'm more concerned about a couple of my close friends who reside in Mobile, Alabama. One had purchased a new house less than a month ag
  9. Heya Portlandboy, You think YOU'RE crazy?! As a New Orleanian, I'm more concerned about Dr. Y's office being wiped out by Hurricane Ivan, than I am about my OWN house! Of course, perhaps being a renter has something to do with it - LOL. Should Ivan strike New Orleans, the city would have to re-dubbed Atlantis. About my dates, they highly coincide with yours. Initially, I was scheduled for punch floats (and possibly more) on Nov 22nd, but bumped it up a few days earlier – not
  10. Hey John, Yes, I totally agree with you that the referenced posters may not be reliable – hence my digs like "for what it's worth" and "hearsay." Heck, they could even be other doctors or their staff attempting to derail business from Dr. Y. I'd hate to think any doctors would resort to that, but ya never know. I'm delighted that you and Kiki spoke up about your background checks on Dr. Y. Even if there had been something to report, my faith in Dr. Y's ability is unwavering. As Sa
  11. Just thought I'd post the following links – for what it's worth. This info does absolutely nothing to dissuade me, personally, from having dermabrasion with Dr. Y. What baffles me, though, is what anyone could possibly sue him for? Worsening their scars? I mean, that risk should be well known to anyone contemplating such a procedure. As with any cosmetic surgery, don't you have to sign waiver forms or something to, essentially, exonerate the doc should this occur? Anyhow, I guess th
  12. Hey Shabetta, I recall being 22/23 when I first began observing the first signs of aging - particularly with my skin. I knew of several other women who had begun wrinkling in their teens! Everyone ages differently, of course, but it's still very much feasible that your "new" scars could be due to loss of collagen. Sun exposure only worsens it, because it breaks down collagen. I refuse to step outside now unless I absolutely have to!
  13. Heya Shebetta, For me, it's the exact opposite - weight loss makes my scars more discernible. I suppose because my skin becomes more lax, or less taut. I'm not sure about your situation, though it may be attributable to simple aging and the associated loss of collagen. Your once "imaginary" scars have resurfaced because of this loss of collagen. That's if I had to hazard a guess. If this rationale is correct, then wouldn't several of the procedures that "remove" or minimize scars (with the
  14. Wow, thanks for posting those pics Misty! Unfortunately, though, they've sparked another spaz attack! I was looking at my calendar a few minutes ago and just realized that I have a group class presentation only 8 days after I have my punch floats! AHHH! I shall be up in front of about 50 other students in a super small classroom! Misty, are you able to effectively conceal those punch floats with make up? Can we even apply make up so soon? Wait a minute, what I am saying – I don't
  15. Hey Misty, Thanks so much for your reply! I feel a bit relieved just having some dates booked. You're right, he's booking up rather quickly. When I telephoned a second time, the receptionist let out a sorta-surprised "Oh, boy" when she saw the earliest I could schedule my surgery dates. She already called me to request the phone number of my pharmacy. Those folks are on the ball – lol. Anyhow, from everything I've read here, I have total faith in Dr. Y's ability! I'll be sure to f