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  1. girl I feel you. I was 15 almost 16 in couple months when I started the regimen and stopped right before I turned 17. So basically like a year and maybe 4 months. I shared my skincare routine on my last topic but basically I’ve been using up the rest of the acne.org BP just on my forehead and using natural products like aloe Vera for the rest of my face. I don’t use any other BP products like clean and clear on my face anymore bc it was just making me look crusty. It takes a while to get off the
  2. 18 right now, started when I was around 16 (same as my sister). I'm also suffering from dry skin (I originally had normal/oily combo) and I'm thinking that my skin is going the same direction as my sister's (her's was oily/combo now her's is crAZy dry).
  3. Hello! I have been using Dan's regimen for about a year and 7 months. I started using it due to (I'm assuming) severe acne from high stress, and it completely cleared my skin (albeit terribly drying it out the first few weeks). When I had originally used it, I did it morning on night on my forehead (major trouble area, rest of the skin was dry and clear), and eventually I ran out of the cleanser and moisturizer and just started repurchasing the treatment w/ a sensitive skin cleanser to be econom