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  1. hey Bandito, just got through reading the posts on this thread, and have to express my solidarity with you. I also am 22 and have also been dealing with this bullshit for way too long. I've been on 2 courses of Accutane that had me clear for about 5 months each and then I was right back to the beginning. currently i'm using some products that are just a mild cleanser, moisturizer, and salicylic spot treatment. although i'm having a little bit of success, i still breakout just about every
  2. so i did accutane twice. each time i would clear up toward the end of the 5 month period, stay clear for three months, and then my skin went right back to it's normal crap condition. right now i have bad acne all over my face, scalp and neck. and i wore contacts before, and now my eyes are completely jacked up. i get pink eye at least once a month, and that's without wearing contacts. when i try to wear them i get pink eye immediately after. i don't know what the solution is to this but i am
  3. well i did accutane twice, the acne is back again with a vengeance and now my eyes are also fucked up. i get fucking pink eye once or so a month, even without wearing contacts. the past few times i've worn contacts i get pink eye the day after. it's some fucking bullshit because i am one of the most hygienic people and now i'm constantly having to deal with either eye or skin problems.
  4. i would be the perfect candidate but there's no f*ing way i'd ever expose my problems like that.
  5. diet changes, add in supplements. look up the "candida=acne" topic.
  6. Before you do accutane try changing your diet. Seriously, look up "Candida=Acne." I took Accutane twice, and it didn't "cure" me at all. Somebody 16 years old should not be taking that powerful of a drug before they have tried other options.
  7. Don't pick it, don't mess with it, and DON"T even think about burning it.
  8. I'm sure I hate acne as much as you do, but you can't let this bullshit destroy you. Life has many beautiful things to offer, you just have to try hard sometimes to receive them. Do your best to make yourself a complete person instead of being depressed all the time. Start exercising, read some interesting books, stop smoking weed, don't hang out with people that treat you poorly, and stop focusing on unimportant little flaws. You still have your mind and your body and that's what's most i
  9. I don't think it's a problem to immediately start taking lots of Acidophilus. Just a couple days ago I started the Candida treatment myself and so far I've been taking: 8 Acidophilus a day (about 10 billion units) 2000 mg Garlic 1500 mg Caprylic Acid 1000 mg Qurcetin + 2500 mg Vitamin C + 100 mg Bromelain 1 B Complex 24 oz. Pau c'arco So far I feel fine. Today I woke up with significantly less oil, and my forehead which has been breaking out like crazy has finally started to look better. Reme
  10. i've just started the diet after doing about a month of no dairy, grains, and gluten. i had good progress with that diet but felt i was missing something. i'll let you know if it does the job!
  11. I did it a second time, and had the same process of getting better, clear skin, that last for 3 months, and then it was right back to pre-accutane again. Right now I have been experimenting with my diet and have already made great progress in 1 month. Before you go back on accutane, please give the holistic methods a chance!