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  1. Neezified


    Hey- From someone who's done the whole doxycycline trip of various doses for a couple years, I know what you're talking about, but I think it's just red from the pimple healing. If you're fair skinned (like I am) almost anything will leave a red mark on your face for a while. Some look shiny, too, because the skin is healing. Use sunscreen to help avoid scarring. Dioxycycline is an antibiotic, so it just kills off most bacteria, leaving your skin a lot better looking once it's given a chance t
  2. your gallery pictures greatly inspire me! thanks.

    I just need to not give up on the regimen..

    1. Neezified

      For Ever and Ever...

      THE END! Well, not really 'the end' so to speak- just the end of documenting this part. I'll always use the regimen. Stick with it- it works, people!!
    2. Neezified

      Week 8

    3. Neezified

      Week 6

      Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
    4. Neezified

      Week 5

      Dealing with the leftovers...
    5. Neezified

      Week 4

      ...and the war wages on...
    6. Neezified

      Week 3

      ...is it gone yet??...
    7. Neezified

      Week 2

      Why can't I be the miraculously zit free girl??
    8. Neezified

      Week 1

      Starting towards clarity...
    9. Neezified

      Can anyone recommend an SPF moisturizer?

      I really like to mix in a facial sunscreen with my moisturizer. I use Hawiian Tropics Facial- I think it's 30 SPF, which is better for me cause my skin is fair and I'm worried about scars. I just mix in some with my Cetaphil cream in the morning- may sting a little, but I like it, especially since it has aloe, e, and other essential oils in it. Good luck!
    10. Neezified

      Going to the Derm in a day

      ok, I've seen a bunch of different derms over my life (23 years). Dermatologist will normally ask you how you care for your skin, if it's oily/dry/mixed, and some other questions regarding what you know. They will then look at your face. I had one derm that would make me lie down, and he would count and classify the types of blemishes on my skin (and my back too at one point). He was really thourough, though, and others I've had have just looked at my face, scribbled down a few things, and that'
    11. Hey- I've been on a couple cyclins over the years. Currently, I'm taking Doxycyclin. I did try minocyclin before, too, but that did nothing for me. I was really bad with taking my pills religiously every day of the week- normally, I'd skip the weekends- and this was the WORST thing I've ever done, (Please don't kill me Wynne!) cause it gives the bacteria that are still alive time to re-coupe and come back. I would notice that my skin got worse on Monday, so it def does stop working if you don
    12. Neezified

      How long does shipping generally take

      Did you ever get a "Print This Out" Sales Reciept? I oredered yesterday from his site, and I got one of those... I'm curious, cause I ordered the same shipping type, too!