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  1. Alrighty the topic name may seem as if i'm not taking this seriously and making this post for fun but i'm serious. I have A LOT of black heads on my buttocks....i've washed them with soap for 2 months and there seems to be no improvement seems like it kind of got worse ....ANYWAYS someone plz help
  2. I have no clue what's a good type of makeup for a guy. I have some patches of red marks left after my acne that dan's bp has cleared! But i need to cover this up it looks awkward. I've searched on google and most ppl are saying a concealer...well which one is good. thnx
  3. dans regimen is great overrall but it doesn't get rid of blackheads :/. I have like a cluster of them on my nose and it's the only part of my face bothering me. How do i get rid of them? My exfoliante doesn't work and masking tape doesn't work too lol.
  4. last time i had one i was tearing it hurt like hell for that whole day. But it did get rid of it very quickly. Plus it's too time consuming :/
  5. About 3 days ago i woke up with this huge bump on the bottom part of my chin.....i've tried the common things to do to get a head to appear so that i can pop it. Every morning since then i've been applying a warm damp cloth to it for about 40minutes.....applying bp to it.....what gives?
  6. about a year ago i used proactiv and it couldn't really prevent my 1-2 day breakouts but it was great for spot treatment. Once i moved to Dan's regimen i rarely got acne probably once every 2-3 weeks which is great. But when i do get a pimple it ALWAYS has no head(cysts), and dans bp does nothing to it...i have to wait like a week for it to go away...then it leaves a scar which takes like a month to vanish. With proactiv my pimples always comes to a head. And if they don't the first day when i
  7. for the 8oz will the bottle be easy to cut in half? because in the 4oz i usually cut when its almost done and theres a lot left inside.
  8. I've been on the regimen for about a year now and i've had great results with the "twice a day everyday" method. Well i just wanted to try out if i could naturally not get major breakouts if i missed a day or two....well bad idea i broke up with 4 new pimples. I asked my parents when there acne stopped and they both said around the age of 21/22. I'm 23 right now so i don't know what's wrong. I read a topic somewhere on this forum mentioning that using bp will prevent acne but when you stop your
  9. I'm going back to Malaysia in about 3 weeks and i don't know if i should apply Dans bp when i'm there. For those who haven't been toMalaysia it is usually 100% humidity and a continous 50°C or more...so im continously sweating like the last time i went there. At that time i was only 16 and didn't have any acne. But now i'm afraid because relatives and stuff will be there. Applying bp here in the summer(Canada) when i sweat i will get white drops of sweat due to the bp and cetaphil moisturizer..
  10. how long do we apply the baking soda and water on the face for? How do we apply the vinegar on our face just take a tissue soak it in the vinegar/water solution and dab it on our face?
  11. well it's lumpy for a few weeks then it gets flat....right when it starts to slowly dissappear a HUGE cysts comes out of nowhere......starting to piss me off. The first time i had it there i remember popping it with a needle(i put it in alcohol). But i guess that didnt matter cause i pressed the stuff out and i read somewhere that when you press it to get that stuff out it just causes the bacteria to go in deeper....maybe that's why. BUT WOW i really gets me mad when i wake up on that day findin
  12. I've had this acne scar on my face for about 2 yrs now and it gradually fades but almost every 2-3 months i get this cystic pimple that grows on it. IT'S ALWAYS grows at the same place. It's always those big ones with no head. Dan's bp does nothing to it. But is there a product or something i can do that won't be costly to end this?!?!?