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  1. ^^ Just to clarify, 2 kilos would be about 3-5 lbs. I did experience some initial weight loss, about 3 pounds or so. However, I got on a BCP shortly thereafter (non-acne related reasons) and the particular brand of BCP that I am using has a side effect of weight gain. So I gained back all 3 pounds. Now, I think if I hadn't gotten on the BCP, I could have steadily lost weight, because I did experience loss of appetite for my cravings and loss of appetite in general. So I think it's entirely
  2. BCPs never worked for me. Some brands made it worse.
  3. problem is that i don't want gelatin ingredient which comes from animal source. the one which i found on http://www.evitamins.com/product.asp?pid=8766 don't have any gelatin.
  4. My favorite night-time spot treatment is Mario Badescu drying lotion. However, I cannot use this during the day time, it is pink and gets clay-ish if I put anything on it. I used the drying cream version by the same brand that was meant to be worn under makeup but it has very horrible smell. I find BP to be drying to be worn under makeup. It flakes and does not sit well under makeup. I have thus narrowed down my search to the following: Benefit Cosmetics "galactic shield" Maybelline "pure
  5. Extraction is basically squeezing out the blackheads. She may or may not use an instrument to extract them. Yes, they do hurt. In some of my sessions, I was literally crying and had to take breaks. Make sure the lady is very good at it. Some estheticians are not good at squeezing out the entire blackheads, which makes it worse. The key is to only extract the ones that are ready to be squeezed out and leave the other types alone that are not ready to be squeezed out in its entirety. I once h
  6. The new dry touch SPF 70 has helioplex(sp?) is quite excellent, which protects from the sun for much longer period and much more consistently. My sister absolutely loved it during summer, as she is prone to freckles and didn't get any visible freckles this summer. But she has dry skin w/ no acnes. While my skin tends to be dry, it felt a bit heavy for me because I freak out whenever I think I am overloading my skin (= breakout fears). mister_l, did you try wal-mart? I couldn't find the SPF
  7. Ugh, I think all of us here knows your frustration. We've all been there at one point during this ordeal. The key to finding the solution is to keep trying different methods and. Then it's patience & luck. I've used dozen products, both prescribed and OTC, gone to countless spa treatment sessions, been on organic diet, etc. before I found my B5 regime to work. I can also relate to your anxiety over driving. I myself learned to drive quite late at about 25, and still feel anxious/panicky
  8. ^^alik, I would not recommend you to purchase this for various reasons. First, the dosage is too low. To start the regime, you need to take about 10g. If you buy this, which is 500mg, you'd need to take 20 pills a day. Try to find the one that is 1000mg. Second, the price is not that great for 500mg pills. I purchase mine from Great Earth vitamin stores, which is a national chain, I have just found out (I thought it was a local store!). You can go to www.greatearth.com to either shop onlin
  9. My advice would be to keep trying. Not with the same girl, but any other hot girl that you're attracted to. Girls dig confidence. When girls see that you're ready to move onto the next hot thing, you have a much better chance of scoring a date than if you were all over her. Know what I mean? Make her think "who the hell does he think he is?" That means she's intrigued and won't see you as some kind of a boring niceguy she wants to keep as a FRIEND for the rainy days.
  10. I was flipping through my Allure magazine, and it had a review on acne-stress MicroClear technology products. It is supposed to penetrate deeper into the skin, to combat blemishes before they surface. I am wondering if anyone had tried their new line? Right now, my skin is pretty much clear due to my aggressive B5 regimen, but I am trying to curb my dosage and eventually stop. But I need a backup method that would prevent further breakouts. What do you think about this? I read the stuff o
  11. I didn't have any result w/ Proactiv. The "lotion" is way too drying but didn't do anything to clear up my acne. What a waste of money.
  12. Well, you're SUPPOSED to use sunblock everyday to prevent skin cancer anyway... that's what most dermatologists recommend. Why would it be bad to use it in the long run? How would it affect? I use sunblocks everyday and if anything, it improves my skin because it protects acne scars from darkening. Even when my acne was severe, I always used sunblock and I swear that's what saved my skin from all the spots and scars. I have used Neutrogena dry touch sunblock you are talking about. It moistu
  13. ^^^I was wondering the same thing as well. I've never heard of the 16g dosage...My research indicated 10g was the aggressive starting dosage. I wonder if it works better? My 10g dosage works fine, but I still do get a couple zits on underneath my chin and they hurt and take a long time to heal. Dunno what the deal is but at least my face is pretty much clear everyday.
  14. Zeno does not work on cystic acne. Made it look like it was burned. I think zeno is meant to be used on simple pimples, something that will go away in a few days anyways but zeno speeds it up so it goes away in 2 days instead.
  15. I think another question is how long have you known her/ gone out with her? If it's still relatively early into the relationship, I wouldn't bring it up... She may feel embarassed or upset even though in her heart knows you're trying to help her. If she brings it up, i.e. "I am so upset about my skin... etc" then casually mention that she search website forums for advice. It is a touchy subject, esp. if she has been suffering from it for a long time. I usually don't have a problem talking