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  1. pretty girl! where in wiltshire r ya?

  2. *Moderator edit - removed link as it was directly to an acne clinic's webpage, not to a TV interview* thought id share this.. seems pretty legit seen as its on british daytime tv.. anyone had this treatment?
  3. from google groups searching for "acne taurine" bascially cat with acne cured with extra taurine probably means nothing oh well.. just for laughs eh!
  4. thats like basic training in the Royal Navy.. all kit must be ironed and folded to a4 size before going in your locker
  5. bascially every known vitamin and mineral is benificial to the skin in some way
  6. i got my taurine pills today.. nice big fat oval shaped white things 500mg each also got b-complex and milk thistle. Also got 9 cans of diet red bul LOL
  7. cant u crush ur tablet into some water and mix it? or is it capsule filled with powder? empty it in water and mix it
  8. UK PEOPLE : Holland & Barret xmas sale on and guess what.. Taurine is half price (as well as shit loads of other stuff) http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/
  9. how much b-complex you taking.. the only tablets i can get hold of are tiny little things that i imagine do little good.. i want BIG ones that struggle to be swallowed LOL
  10. Done abit of reading and another angle to look at is the livers function being impared thus androgens not being cleared up from the bloodstream properly.. i read this can happen when liver function is impaired for sum reason. Milk Thistle was mentioned for helping the liver to heal Anways, i await my supplments to arrive so i can jump on this bandwagon, just like i did with the GLA / Lecithin, Omega-3, Vitamin B5 and drinking vinegar band wagons.
  11. Probably. Is there a reason you want to take such a low amount? It will be much less expensive for you to just buy the taurine and b complex supplements. Much much cheaper. Someone found 100 capsules of taurine for $3, and my b complex was $8. That's for at least a 1-2 month supply for less than the cost of buying a can of red bull every day for one week. Just get the supplements. :) Thanks! :) This thread is really helping me to know what questions people have, what information pe
  12. im going to buy 5 cans of diet red bull tomorrow and drink them though out the week or maybe i should buy 10.. they are quite expensive.. somehting like £1.05 for a small can
  13. on the packaging of chocolate and other sweets, it labels sucrose.. it this the table sugar? or pure sucrose (non fructose)
  14. are all these l-taurine bodybuilding supplments on ebay the same as taurine?
  15. You people that try these sugar free diets for a week or two need to keep in mind that your body is already "damaged" from years of sugar overloading, your livers are full of sugar etc.. you need to change your entire lifestyle, cut out sugar all together untill you see results.
  16. this is interesting... ive been great advocate of the insulin resistance-High GI-androgen theory as ive seen great results myself from cutting sugar and crap from my diet. im yet to have 100% results even though i cut out the "sucrose" products, i still drank big cartons of fruit juices and ate bananas believing they were healthy.
  17. table sugar really has fructose in it? i thought it was sucrose - ie different to fructose.
  18. http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/search.dll...atitle=tca+peel it doesnt seem ther are any UK sellers of TCA peels ... they are all United States Is it illegal to sell them here? Id rather buy them from the UK as i dont want to wait for shipping
  19. I agree with this at the Insulin Reistance stage and thereafter.. Western Diets cause insulin resistance.. you can read a billion articles and studies on it not related to acne, relating to other disorders that come with too much insulin. Also westerners are LAZY compared to the amount of exercises our bodies are made for Notice my "How many people are skinny" thread has 600 views? does this not tell you something. People with less lean body mass are naturally going to need to uptake less gl
  20. No, insulin resistance is definitely not the cause of the majority of acne cases. This study that you keep ignoring proves it: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Study-fin...ne-t176626.html A mere single study. Look on the web, tons of sources that link insulin and glycemic index to acne. This study you make reference to doesnt state how long the subjects were on low GI diet. and if at all they were on low GI and not just a sugar diet as in sucrose, fructose. I am 100% behind this hypo
  21. Read what i wrote on this thread guys... http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2097030 3rd post down Can you see the truth now? Im sorry.. food intolerances, malabsorption - all bullshit
  22. Well all this ties into the GI/ muscle mass/insulin resistance theory.. you eat alot of food yet you dont have the muscle mass to absorb all the sugar and insulin. fat people have some of the nicest skin i have personally found